Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Cows...

Yesterday it was the heifers' turn to go out on the meadow at the other farm, and today it was finally time for the cows here at home!

This morning we went around the meadow fence to check for spots that needed repair.  Jim decided that we needed to redo the entire section along the road, as the wire was rusty and sagging in spots.  It ended up taking longer than expected, so we decided to let the cows out in the meadow while we were finishing up.  I went back up to the barn to let the cows out, and tried to capture a video as they headed out to pasture.  It's just a short clip because my camera wasn't cooperating with me this morning...

You can see their excitement!  These cows that you are watching, are mostly the young, first calf heifers, kicking up their heels.  The older cows went out first, a bit more calmly, but once these girls were released, they wasted no time!

Once they were in the meadow, they were relatively calm...they were too busy eating to care about much else.  There were a few "fights", where they pushed each other around, head to head, establishing their pecking order, but mostly their heads were down, munching away...

After we brought them back in around 3:00, I was in the barn cleaning up, and the atmosphere was almost an eerie quiet. Typically at that time, they're bawling for their late afternoon snack.  Today however, they were contentedly laying down, chewing their cud.

Green grass and a meadow to wander around in...what more could they want!


  1. Cute video ! They are happy healthy cattle ! Have a good day !

  2. That's what I want! I want lush browsing grounds instead of hay. Lucky cows indeed!

  3. I sure enjoy your videos! Now these girls showed some enthusiasm! :)

  4. love that animal of that size can still kick up their heels. puts a smile on my face every time!

  5. Isn't it a great feeling to turn cattle loose on grass? Love doing that with ours.


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