Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I Love About Today...

It's a beautiful day today...more beautiful than we could ever have asked for, here in mid March!

After I folded wash for what seemed like hours, I took my camera for a walk to capture some of the things I love about today.

First and foremost, the temperature was wonderful...and so was the breeze...

The flowers are beginning to grow...

...and bloom...

This newborn heifer calf enjoyed being outside...

Our freshly rototilled garden (including the Renegade Chicken looking for bugs)...just waiting to be planted...

I always get way too anxious to wash and put away the coveralls and the quilted flannels!  But oh well...it was a nice day to get them washed and they'll smell fresh from the breeze...

The barley behind the barn is turning green!  And up on the hill, the freshly chiseled ground will soon be ready for seeding two new alfalfa fields...

...and last but not least...today we got ten new chickens!  We got these Barred Rocks from an Amish neighbor...they've just started laying, so hopefully now we'll be able to better keep up with the demand for eggs.  I think the all black one is especially pretty!
When we have days like this, I get a little crazy...just wondering how much fun God must have, "waking up the world " after winter.  (yes, I know...we've been known to have blizzards in March, but...)  I'm so thankful that we live in an area where we see all four seasons.  About the time we get tired of one, another one arrives!

In any case, it's a beautiful day to be alive!  I hope you're enjoying your March, wherever it might be!


  1. Wow, you guys are warmer than we are here in Arizona today!!
    I love all your pictures and your "help" sitting next to the laundry basket! ;-)

  2. Wow I can not believe how far ahead into spring you are compared to us. I enjoyed your walk and love those same things I love the line full of clothes the most I have no idea why it looks like work but beautiful. Enjoy Alica B

  3. You must be in God's country. I can't believe that your barley is already growing. We still have snow on the ground and ice on the river. JB

  4. Beautiful photos ! It was warm here but not as warm as you had it ! Have a good day !

  5. Sharing your joy and praise for God's hand at the seasons. One of my students rode in a tank top today and I asked if it was really early March or was I dreaming! My visit here has been a wonderful end to a warm day. Thanks!

  6. So many of the good things I miss about living on a farm: new calves, clothes on the line, the smell of freshly turned dirt and even old work boots. Thanks

  7. Oh My! Same here and I love clothes from the line. First thing out in the Spring is all the bedding. I also love that thought about the four seasons. Although this year for the first time in all my Winters, I haven't tired of Winter...its been a blessing!

  8. The joys of baby animals. Enjoyed your walk around your farm. Blessings!

  9. We're having record warm temperatures right now. It's beautiful weather, but I just keep hoping for spring rains instead of summer heat.

  10. I love your heart and the excitement I too share with the changing of the seasons and God's hand in it. I love how you put that, how much fun He has bringing new life! We got close to 80 today and my toddler and I went to a lake with a beach where we dug in the sand and listened to the waves and enjoyed the outdoors.

  11. I look forward to seeing or reading about that artist work you mentioned on my comments. My artist brother does the same thing. It is a very sad thing indeed. Progress at the expense of the backs of some hardworking farmers. Thanks Alica. B

  12. Wow! Your weather is warmer than our weather on our "tropical island". I always looked forward to spring when we lived where it snowed. Love the picture of your calf.


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