Friday, March 9, 2012


A week or so ago, we started an excavating project.  Finally, this week we were able to finish it, as the ground at the bottom of the waterway has dried out become a little less saturated.

We've long had some drainage problems in this particular area of the farm, and a bunch of years ago, had the area "tiled" to help alleviate the problem.  In recent years, however, the problem has become worse.

The first thing the guys did was dig down to the original drainage pipes, to see if they were working properly...

They found the old pipe and checked it out.  Most of the pipe seemed to be okay.,but some sections of the pipe at the low end were partially clogged.  Dirt had filtered into the pipe and was preventing the water from draining properly.  So...they replaced some sections and added a lot more.  Lots of digging...they dug one main branch north to south, with several smaller ditches branching off to the southeast and southwest.   

We took lots of pictures and measurements, so that we know exactly where the tile was laid in case it ever needs to be dug up again!

Here they are digging the final ditch...

Next, they lined the bottom of the ditch with stone, and laid the pipe on top. They used this flexible pipe that has holes in it...
The idea is that the stone filters the water...but doesn't allow the dirt to enter the pipe...and dries the ground out enough to be suitable for farming...

There were several places where the pipes needed to be connected at a "Y"...

The pipe was then covered completely with stone before the ditch was filled in the rest of the way with dirt...

 It's hard to see from far away, but they're finished...hopefully by mid summer, the field will be green with corn...

Water is now flowing swiftly out of the drain pipe at the low end...

Hopefully it will continue to drain properly, and the field will be in better condition to farm!

A dry spring would help!


  1. I had lots of tiling done when I first got the farm, and there is still more to do. It's great when it's working!

  2. I got about halfway through your post and said to myself "So that's what Teresa was talking about!" LOL!! I always enjoy your posts!
    Needless to say, not too many soggy fields here in the high desert of Arizona! ;-)

  3. That's a lot of good work done. Sadly for us our soggy field is still under the snow. It will be quite a while before w can till the soil. JB

  4. Now that is a lot of work great learning post, we do not have tile and I was wondering about the process. Thanks Alica. B

  5. Am trying to get caught up on reading this morning... the tiling story is so interesting, and Happy Birthday CLearview Farm. What wonderful old pictures!

  6. I know it made you all feel good to get that done and out of the way : )


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