Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lancaster County Summer...'s really feeling like a Lancaster County summer now!

It sure is "close" out there today!  Have you ever heard that expression? "Close" in really, really, really, really humid.  The air is almost so thick you could cut it with a knife.  Well, maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but I was sweating before I ever went outside the door this morning.

Murphy has the idea...

Find a place in the shade, and stay there as long as possible!  In her case, it's either in the back of the truck, or underneath it, depending on where the sun is situated.

But...I can't complain.  Really.  After the winter we had, I vowed to not whine about the heat.

I'm very thankful for the slight breeze that's coming in the window...for the ice cold coke in my hand...for the cucumbers that I'm about to turn into banana pickles...that second cutting hay is finished (!)...for the thunderstorms that are to come this afternoon and cool things off (hopefully!)...that the kids will return home this afternoon from their missions trip...

...and for the air conditioner in our bedroom window!


  1. lots to be thankful for. love murphy! just adorable!

  2. Yes, you have lots to be thankful for. Funny about the dog looking for a hot place to be lazy. It's hot and humid here to today.


  3. I'm with you! After the winter we had, no complaints about heat!

  4. Oh I think you have a lot of 'cool' things happening so enjoy them. Murphy is so adorable.You have second cut done we have not even started first cut and it is hot and humid here too. Keep cool and you will have a house full again. yeah. Hug B

  5. I've never heard that term, and I grew up in Indiana which is horribly humid in the summer. Hope you all can stay comfortable!!!

  6. I think having humidity is hotter than having the heat like we do. You know though, for some reason I love canning in the heat. I have no idea why but it seems like it beats the heat for me.
    I finally have enough cucumbers to pickle. I know they are going to come on all at once and then I will wonder why I was so anxious.
    Have a wonderful time with your kiddos. I bet you will be glad to have them back home.

  7. Murphy knows how to handle the weather!

  8. We had a few days of terrible humidity. We're always thankful for the rain, though. Dogs always know where to find a good resting spot :)

  9. Great post. Smart dog! Your blue truck brings back memories we used to have one just like it! I loved visiting you from Tex's. Thanks for sharing your day.

  10. Happy fourth! What are banana pickles?

    Our tortoise is about 10 years old.

  11. Thanks for visiting me back! I was focused in on the dog yesterday. I didn't see the chickens on the fence! Great shot. I will look for your follow button so I can come back. I miss my country life. You Bless me by sharing yours!

  12. It certainly is summer now :)
    I hadn't heard of the saying that you wrote about. Interesting.
    We don't usually have a lot of humidity here, but we certainly have the heat!
    I've been getting up around 5:00am, and I think I might have to start getting up at 4:00am so that I can get my chores done before the day gets to hot!

    Hope you had a great 4th of July.


  13. I am so late reading this... I'm hoping the kids got home safely... and your hay is all in. We have had storms off and on down here, too, but the temps are 15 degrees cooler than last year at this time, and dropping next week!

  14. I grew up in Ohio and have heard older people say the day is close when it was hot and humid. I live in Florida now and see temps hotter in some of the north west states then it is here, but we do have high humidy. it is raining and storming now, thank God we do need it.

  15. Sounds like life is good!


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