Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heifers on Pasture...

Today was the day!  

This morning Jim finished tarping off the silo while I repaired a small section of fence around the meadow at the other farm.  Then it was time to open the wire and let the heifers, dry cows and the new bull into the meadow...

They were happy to be out in the meadow, finally, but not nearly as excited as I thought they would be.  Now when it comes to the cows here at home?  When we let them out in a day or so, they will literally kick up their heels for joy! 

I don't think any of them lifted their heads for very long...

 Don't they look happy?!


  1. Looks like no complaints thats for sure ! Nice photos, have a good day !

  2. I just found your blog (another trip down the blogger wormhole!) and these pictures are wonderful.

    It's what every citified person wants to think of when they buy milk - the gorgeous black and white cows on super green grass with ultramarine blue skies in the background. Absolutely lovely!

  3. I can hear them saying YIPPEE. Our cows and calves just entered the field behind the house they are smiling too. B

  4. I can hear them saying, "Mmmmmm! Mmmmm! fresh grass.

  5. They do look to be enjoying that lovely green grass! :)

  6. i heard mooing they are a little big to kick up their heels.

  7. love it. why come up when you have lush grass to eat and the sunshine on your back. have a great weekend.


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