Sunday, March 18, 2012

Changing of the "Guard"...

It was time.  

The jersey bull that we had for about two years, grew.  And grew.  His job was finished.

We had purchased him as a young bull, for the sole purpose of breeding our young heifers.  He did a wonderful job of breeding the heifers that didn't settle from their AI service, and threw tiny little jersey/holstein cross calves, almost guaranteeing easy calvings.

He never showed much aggression towards people (although a bull should never be trusted!), but after almost two years, was big enough that he could have injured the younger and much smaller heifers.  So...he went to market this week...weighing in at 1525 lbs.  Even at that size, he could still kick up his heels!  

He was replaced by...

This guy. 

He's much, much smaller, and is still trying to get used to being around all those women!  I think they intimidate him a little bit, but he's going to have to get over that pretty quickly.  He's got a job to do!


  1. I don't even trust our neighbours bulls on the other side of the fence! 1500+ pounds! That is a lot of Bull! Our neighbour told us when we first moved in "Every bull has one bad day a year. You just don't know what day it's going to be". In other words, be careful. :-}

  2. oh I so wish I lived closer to you! I am totally smitten with jerseys and while I love a holstein, I like the smaller stature of the jersey, Yes, I would be showing up to purchase a cross or two! That bull is quite magnificient! I'll bet he catches on real quick...

  3. Oh I just had the changing of the guard to I love the way you worded that:) Love Jerseys. B

  4. We have a one and one year and seven month old Holstein bull that I raised from birth for the purpose of breeding and when we put an older cow in the pen with him, she beat the crap out of him. I had to get my husband to remove the cow before she injured his delicate parts. She would bang on him and lifted his hind leg with her head and the poor bull had to escape in the corner of the pen.
    This has happened many time that he gets intimidated by the girls but he got 6 pregnant that the breeder couldn't get pregnant.

    His name is Big Boy. JB

  5. The changing of the guard is a necessary thing on the farm!

  6. I'm in that position with my little buck Fionn. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with him. They can kick their heels up when they're as big as my 3000 pound steer~it's just in slow motion!

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  8. That was one BIG Jersey bull... he was scary looking from a distance. I'm glad you warned people about bulls... I've heard too many say their bulls are "gentle". Not me... I'm not believing that for a minute.


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