Saturday, March 24, 2012

4-H Market Goats...

It's that time of year again, to pick out goat kids for 4-H!

Tonight we went to choose Jenna's two market goat projects.  There were four human kids who chose from seven goat kids for their projects.  They each picked one, and then three of them picked a second one.

Jenna thought that she would end up choosing two does, but decided on two wethers (castrated males) instead.  Here is her first choice!  I really like his coloring...

Her second kid wouldn't hold still long enough for a picture, so you'll have to wait until next week for pictures!  We'll bring them home at the end of the week after we move some calves around and prepare their pen.  We think we have it goat-proofed after last years learning experiences!

Let the fun begin!


  1. 4H! You've got to love it! It is great to see children that appreciate, and can work with animals. They are very distinctive from city kids. The colouring is certainly different, and nice.

  2. You said she got her first choice? Did someone else want to buy it? How much are goats going for there? Does, wethers etc...

  3. That's a nice looking little wether there! Your daughter looks very happy with her choice. :) Goats are so fun...

  4. I am looking forward to watching Jena and her goats for her 4-H project. My favorite part at the Denver Stock Show was the kids and their animals. The young boy who won the bull show was so cute and POLITE it made my heart swell and the child was not eve mine.

  5. Your daughter looks gorgeous and so does the little goat. The goat looks like she's in good hands. JB

  6. Doe and to learn new terms. I get a little peeved a people who don't understand that all cattle aren't cows, or what a heifer is and how she becomes a cow. But if a person doesn't grow up with such things they are blissfully clueless. I'll try to remember these goat terms and not be so uneducated.

    Your Jena looks like she will love and care for her new friends. They are very lucky.

  7. What a nice looking little goat he is, I like his coloring too! Looking forward to seeing the other one when he will hold still! :)


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