Friday, March 23, 2012


Sometimes I get writer's block...or blogger's block...or whatever you want to call it.  This was one of those weeks!  There was a lot happening here on the farm, but nothing that was exciting enough to warrant a post of it's own.  Or at least I didn't think so until it was too late!

...Jim took down some winter barriers on the west side of the barn and spread lots of manure...

...I mowed the yard for the first...and second time...and got my first bright red nose of the season...

...I saw the first onion top peeping through the garden soil...

...Half of the chickens were moved to another temporary pen to try to salvage what is left of the grass in their pen!  If we get the rain we're supposed to this weekend, I think it might recover...

...We vaccinated a bunch of heifers at the other farm...

...I weeded the iris bed...

...Mom's taxi was running non-stop to and from school for track practice...(I guess that's not really a farm event, but it involved the farm kids!)

In the midst of my blogger's block, Jenna went out and snapped a bunch of photos, and told me that I could post them for you to see.  She enjoys taking pictures, and has an eye for unique shots.  Enjoy!

A disgruntled hen...

When I moved the chickens, they weren't too happy with me, and didn't lay many eggs for the first two days.  Finally today, I got 32 beautiful brown eggs from 32 chickens! 

These hyacinth smell so good...

Hydrangea bud...

I love these shots of the Pasque flower...

 I hope you enjoyed some of these beautiful spring shots!  I'll have to put the photographer to work some more!

Do any of you have ideas/requests for events that you would enjoy reading about/seeing pictures of?  I would love to hear your suggestions!


  1. The photos are beautiful. How about telling us what the chickens WON'T eat. What do you feed them?

  2. I think we have so much going on this time of the year is why we get those blocks!

  3. Alica I am tired now just listening to your week. I must go have a nap.
    Love your photos. I have no ideas I am sure your camera will find something that will kick the block. B

  4. I've been having one of those bloggers blocks for 2 weeks now. So much going on but nothing important. Love the photos. I wish we had green grass like that here. grrrr I"m jealous!

  5. I know what you mean about blogger block. this was a great post... honest about our lives..."sometimes it is just plain boring and I'm not going to make anything up". I actually enjoy the no nothing is happening, as we say in the OR "boring is good". Loved Jenna's picture, she is a good photographer.

  6. So great to see these lovely spring shots from your Farm! Who needs lots words when there is so much newness to take in? Thanks for sharing them!

  7. Tell Jenna I love her pictures! She really does have an eye for capturing things creatively!

  8. Jenna's pictures are lovely! Tell her to keep it up :) I don't have any requests, but I will tell you that I love hearing about the day to day rhythms of your farm. It's a very different lifestyle than many of us live and I'm personally quite curious about it. Cheers, Jenni

  9. Your Jenna is a wonderful photographer. You should make her your full time blog photographer. If you ever have writer's block, she could just fill it with a pretty picture or two!

  10. It does sound like you've been extremely busy. I find most of the minute things that I take for granted many other people find interesting because it's so different from their lives. I'd say anything goes for blogging material. :-)

  11. Jenna's photos are great! I love the color of the hyacinths! :)
    I second what Teresa said about blogging material.

  12. The photos of the pasque flowers are the lighting and colors.

  13. Jenna took wonderful pictures... but the picture of her with her wether is special, too!

  14. I think people would like to see pics of your feed man! Looks like you must have a good one. Maybe one from Hoober Feeds. Hahahahah.


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