Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas In the Country...

This year I joined in with a group of bloggers for a Christmas in the country gift exchange...

Before Christmas, we signed up to participate, and sent in our information to the gals who organized the exchange.  They, in turn, assigned each of us another blogger to send a gift to.  We were given resources to search for information... facebook, blogs, instagram, etc.  It was fun to search for a gift for "my" person... Erin Mullins, the Missouri State Honey Queen. She blogs here if you'd like to check out her blog.  Some of the things she enjoys were things that I had "connections" to, so it was extra fun!

About ten days before Christmas, a box showed up at my door!  My gift was sent from Kerry, who happens to also be a dairy farmer...from Kansas. Kerry blogs at I Married A Milkman.  She's busy milking cows and caring for her family of five children, along with lots of other activities.  Check out her blog when you have a chance.

The box was full of goodies, and I had fun pulling them out, one by one...

My sweet tooth was very satisfied with chocolates, caramels, and butter cookies.  The note pad hangs on my fridge, and is well used already...as I'm definitely a list maker!  The mug came with some iced coffee mix, which I really enjoy. This week now that the weather has suddenly/finally turned COLD, I'm using it for hot chocolate and hot coffee, but I'll definitely be using the iced coffee soon!  I can drink that all year long.  She included several tea towels in my favorite color green, and a scented wax warmer, with some delicious smelling vanilla cookie wax tarts! There was also a cute Christmas ornament in the box, but it was already hanging on the tree, and I missed getting it in the picture!

It was fun to "meet" her family on her Christmas card, and by checking out her blog as well.

Thanks, Kerry, for the fun gifts!

And thanks to the gals who hosted and organized this year...Jamie at http://unchartedrhoade.blogspot.com/ , Laurie at https://countrylinked.wordpress.com/ , Lara at http://www.myothermoreexcitingself.com/ , and Kirby at http://15009farmhouse.blogspot.com/ .


  1. How fun!!! What a lovely box of goodies.

  2. What a great gift - I'm such a sucker for anything caramel, so that all looks delicious! I'm glad you had a fun time picking out things to send to Erin - she's such a dear friend and amazing person, I can't wait to see her post to see what you sent. We loved having you participate, thanks so much for joining in on the fun!

  3. What a sweet gift. I'll have to go check out what your friend got.

  4. sweet idea to have to 'hunt' for secret santa ideas. :)

  5. Thank you for participating this year Alicia! We loved having you and love the gift that you sent and received. This exchange brings many together in ways that would not be possible if it was not for the participants who come each year. Best of luck in 2016 to you!
    Laurie - Country Link

    *I have been meaning to tell you that my twin sister is named Alicia. :)

  6. Jackpot! What a fun exchange.

  7. That sounds like a fun thing to do and you received a great box of goodies. : )

  8. That sounds like such a fun exchange. And, it looks like you received a great box!

  9. A tasty and fun box for you, Alicia! It's pretty hard to go wrong with coffee and chocolate. A small pleasure that binds so many of us, lol!

    I too am a list maker. I love office supplies, notepads, notebooks, pens and more are in good company with me.

  10. What a fun activity. Glad you were able to participate.
    Your blog friend sent you such a nice and thoughtful gift.
    Need to check out the blogs that you listed... they look like fun reads.

    Have a happy day :)

  11. I am going to go look into the blogs you named... I love finding new ones, and that was a great gift exchange idea!

  12. So fun - what an amazing box of goodies! Thanks so much for participating in the exchange and I look forward to following your blog in 2016 and beyond!

    My Other More Exciting Self

  13. Alicia, I'm so glad everything made it safe and sound. I'm so glad you liked everything! It was so fun to get to know you a little bit through social media, I always love meeting new women especially other country gals.


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