Saturday, January 16, 2016

It's Friday...

Another week has rolled right on by, which means it's time to join up with Teresa , and Friday's Hunt.  I'm having fun with this. Sometimes I have trouble thinking of things that I think anyone would actually want to read about.  How many times do you want to read about another fresh cow, or how cold it is outside, and how many cute pictures of cats are there, really?

This week's prompts are...

Starts with "C"...

Now, what else would you expect me to post...a dairy farmer...of course I'm going to post a picture of...


Look what I found in my freezer, right next to the frozen green beans...

...and a good find at my new favorite Aldi store, which is almost in my back yard...

Next is "this week's favorite"...

The photo quality isn't so good, but this was a favorite thing that happened this week.  My friend and neighbor Rhoda showed up at my door with some beautiful, cheery flowers yesterday.  She's so very thoughtful, and I appreciate her friendship!

And last, but not least, is "inside"...

Kind of disgusting picture alert!

Did you ever see inside a cow's mouth?  I was trying to take a close up of Patti's nose, but I wasn't quick enough, and she tried to lick the camera.  Her long tongue is like sand paper.  And she has silage all over her nose...give her a napkin!  Notice that she doesn't have any upper teeth?  A cow only has teeth on the bottom of her mouth...

Now that you've had a lesson in cow anatomy...

Have a great weekend!  (it just started raining here, so we're in for a soggy one!)


  1. Well i nevr knew cows had no teeth on top but i have now learned that they have the same number of permenent ones as us (32 on the bottom). Amazing the things one learns from blogging! Have a great weekend.

  2. I think your inside photo is going to be the most unusual one for this week. lol

    Chocolates in the freezer? How did they last so long since Christmas? ;)

  3. There can never be too many cute cat pictures :-)

  4. What a fun post! Chocolate, Flowers, and cow tongue! Doesn't get any better than that. It's always a challenge to aovid the sandpaper tongue. I remember when my son was little and MJ was still a young steer, he ran his tongue right up my boys face. Made him cry and left marks with how rough they are. Ah, those were the good ole days. LOL Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt.

  5. I am amazed at the fact that cows have no upper teeth. How do you get to be my age and not know that? The wonderful things we learn when blog hopping on Friday's Hunt!

  6. Sorry I read all your post but I am fixated on the chocolate stuck in your freezer beside the green beans.It has never ever made it to my freezer in this house:) Great shot of cow mouth:) Hug B

  7. laughing at the maw in the last shot. :) sweet, sweet daisies!

  8. Can't complain about the variety and out of the ordinary quality of your post. Hope you were able to save your phone from that huge tongue. The only animal with a longer one is a giraffe, I think.

  9. I love the last photo. I so remember those sandpaper tongues. Hope it warms up.

  10. Great picture of the inside of that cow mouth... I sometime think that it's a good thing cows don't have upper teethes too because they would chew everything in sight.

    Next time you can show the teethes when the prompt starts with "T" lol.
    I'm amazed at how razor sharp the calf teethes are. I have gotten cuts on my hands a few times.

    Your chocolate picture made me get up to get a piece of Free Trade chocolate that I bought and left in my purse. I can say it was my dessert.

    Take care and have a lovely week.

  11. Oooh, I'm storing that fact about cows having only lower teeth in my head for a lull in a future conversation. Wish I could find some forgotten chocolate in our freezer.

  12. Chocolate never ends up in our freezer! Never lasts long enough to end up there! lol

  13. Oh chocolate!!! My favorite! I never even thought of cows for C how silly. I worked on a dairy a while and we had one cow that always licked my hair, was like a brush except she pulled it outta my ponytail, oh well better than being hit with a poopy tail

  14. I guess if I had given it any thought I would have suspected the no top teeth thing as my goats are the same way. Probably all ruminants are like that for grinding their food. Hard palates all around. Mmmmm, chocolate.

  15. Oh, finding chocolate is always a treat.
    Cow anatomy 101 for me and very interesting about the lack of teeth on the top.

  16. Chocolate...SCORE!! Never thought about cows being like goats and not having top teeth. :)

  17. This was a good post :-) I need to do this hunt on Friday :-)

  18. I need to do this hunt on Friday! Love the hidden chocolate!

  19. I liked this post. Really good getting the cows mouth. They do like to lick don't they. Enjoy your week. I loved the daisies.

  20. Love the flowers. You have me thinking of spring.
    Didn't know that about cows. One of the cows I walk past liked my hand once. :) Her tongue was black.


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