Thursday, February 4, 2016

Bethany's Baby...

A heifer calf was born this morning...

Because this birth was a little unusual, I was hoping to get a picture of Bethany and her baby right after the birth.  I wanted to see if you could tell me what was unusual about her birth?

Jim had to give her a little help, but once her calf was born, Bethany jumped up right away and started cleaning her baby off.  So, in the time it took me to run to the house for my camera, I missed the picture! Instead, here's a word picture of what I saw..."when she was born, both baby and mother were facing the south side of the pen." 

This is the first picture I was able to get, about five minutes after birth...

Fifteen minutes later...

...and about an hour later...

Mom and baby are both doing fine.  She was born on my Mom's 83rd birthday, so I wonder if I should name her Helen?

Put your guesses as to what was unusual about her birth in the comments, and I'll tell you if you're right in tomorrow night's post!


  1. Breech. Glad is was fast and uncomplicated! Deb

  2. yeah, i'd have guessed breach, too. :)

  3. This might be a silly guess but since you said Bethany jumped up after the baby was born my guess is that she was laying down when she gave birth. Don't cows usually stand?

  4. Yup I would guess a breach birth . Glad both are doing well . Lovely photos ! oh and the name is perfect as she was born on your mums Bday ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  5. Glad all is well! I love new babies! We are the midst of calving, too. We had a set of twins today and it appears the mom is accepting both.

  6. Beautiful baby, handsome momma. It's always good to see the cow up and caring for her baby and then the baby up and wobbling around on those long legs.

  7. Breech, and I think Helen is a WONDERFUL name!

  8. Helen looks like she's a big calf, no wonder the mom needed help with the birth. It's always hard to see perspective in a photo but I would say she bigger than your usual calf. We had one weighing about 130 pounds a while back. I always get amazed how fast the calves can stan and walk soon after birth.


  9. Beautiful baby! Glad they are both doing well, and I love the idea of naming her Helen. My goat, Helen, also approves. How's your mom feel about it?


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