Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Corn Planting 2012...

Late April...early May...the exact dates will vary depending on the weather, but it's corn planting time around here.

Last year we had a very wet spring, and it was difficult to get the corn in the ground.  This year it's been dry, with the exception of some rain last weekend, and the soil has warmed, so we're about two weeks ahead of last year with corn planting.

Yesterday morning, Jim had some fertilizer spread on the corn ground before it was planted...

I caught up with Mark as he was filling the planter here at home.  He saw me coming, carrying my camera, and he laughed, saying "Are you updating your blog again?"  I guess I'm getting a reputation...he knew he could say that and get away with it! 

While Mark filled the planter with seed corn and insecticide (above), Jim was doing "important paperwork", as he called it.  (The guys were having fun teasing the blogger yesterday)   Jim plants different varieties of corn...some short season for early silage, so we don't run out!...some late season for shelling...and keeps track of where each variety is planted...

I learned something new yesterday.  Mark added something to the seed corn.  Do you have any ideas as to what it is and why he would use it? 

Hint:  it's the gray that you see here...the red is the seed corn.  I'll post the answer in a day or so...

This is that field that we had some tiling done in this spring.  Between the dry spring and the tiling, the field has dried out nicely, and was ready to plant yesterday.  I like seeing the neat rows made by the corn planter...

One thing that I like even better, is seeing the rows of tiny corn stalks peeping up through the soil.  If it stays warm like it's supposed to, hopefully by sometime next week, we'll be seeing some green!


  1. What a great feeling to get the seed into the ground! I'm hoping mine will be planted soon, but we've had just little bits of rain off and on. I'm enjoying the rain, but I would also like to have to corn in the ground too.

  2. I enjoy all the pictures that you share of farming. Would that be fetilizer in with the corn seeds?

  3. i get teased also...but everyone enjoys reading.. we got almost 3 inches of rain yesterday. and i corn was allready planted. so we may be replanting a few spots. we are supposed to get more rain for the next 4 to 6 days. i may need a boat to check cows. take care.

  4. Oh I can't wait to watch that corn grow!! Love this post and on the coloring on the grain?? Is it something to deter those birds? Got me though..anxious to see..

  5. the grey is the refuge corn per the refuge corn requirement? Not sure about all the details, but a percentage of corn has to be refuge per gov't regulations.

  6. I love seeing how real farmers plant lots of corn. :) Would that corn be for Indian corn you know that thing in the old days when people would go to a corn shucking and if you got a red ear, you would be the next to get married. :)

  7. I love seeing the rows of corn grow too.

    We used to plant corns for the cow feed years ago but the birds and the raccoons did so much damage that my husband stop growing corn.

    Would that gray dust on your corn seeds be a fungicide?

    Good luck with your corn. JB

  8. Nothing like warm dirt and new seeds and a potential harvest to cheer us up about surviving another winter.

  9. Do you use the corn for feeding your own cows or do you sell it? I love the picture of the tilled rows, so smooth and clean :) Cheers, Jenni

  10. I can't wait to see the rows of new corn sprouting up! :)

  11. Now that's some corn planting ; ) Didn't know about adding the graphite-how cool is that! Farmers are so smart : )

  12. I also like seeing the rows of corn sprouting -- a true sign of spring. :)


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