Saturday, May 5, 2012


Isn't it amazing what happens in just a few months time!

From this...planting barley...October 2011...

Coming up a few days later...

 Just starting to green up...a few inches high...late winter, early spring 2012...

To this...May 2012...

What is that in the field?'s just Murphy and Snickers, having a blast.  They have so much fun chasing each other around in the field...

Before we know it, it'll be June, and we'll be combining barley and then baling straw.

Then what ever will the dogs find to do?  Oh yes, that's right...they'll chase cats and dig holes in the yard or lay in front of the big fans in the barn.  They have quite the life!  :)


  1. Wow, you are so advanced in your planting. Good luck. JB

  2. One thing I have always love to watch is grain blowing in the wind. When I was a kid all around here, where I live now was farms. Now it is houses. But the farmer across the road would plant winter wheat. I loved watching the wind. Here a long time ago, the Indians that lived here called them Wind Wolves.
    You have your own. :) Beautiful photographs.

  3. That's a beautiful crop in the making. Best wishes for good weather.

    Farm dogs have the best life.

  4. It looks so good! I like how the dogs will entertain themselves after the barley has been harvested.

  5. Awesome pictures :)

    Yep... those dogs have it pretty good!

    Warm wishes...

  6. So, "The barley is as high as a puppy dog's eye..." (to the tune of Oklahoma) ;~)
    Love seeing the progress of the barley!


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