Monday, April 30, 2012


This past weekend the kids and I traveled to Virginia with family for my brother-in-law's Seminary graduation.  Before we left, I thought I had dotted all my "i's" and crossed all my "t's".  The tender plants were safe indoors...the laundry baskets were empty...the fridge was stocked...the instructions were written out for taking care of Jenna's goats and the chickens (not usually on Jim's "to do" list)...But did I even think twice about my potatoes?  Nope.

While we were there I saw a facebook post from a friend saying that her potatoes were damaged by a hard frost!

As soon as we got home last evening, I took a flashlight to the garden.  I was surprised, but happy to see that most of my potatoes seem to be okay.  My garden sits in an area that is protected from the harshest weather, so that was probably what saved them.  A few of them got hit pretty hard...

But if you look closely, the leaves on the bottom seem to be okay.  I'm hoping that they will pull through, but I don't know.

Most of the row seems to be in better shape than the one above.  Some leaves have brown edges, but they don't look too bad...

I've never had potatoes in this early, so I wasn't even thinking that they could be hurt by frost.  The last "frost date" in this area is May 15th, so I really shouldn't be surprised that it happened.  But the weather this spring has been so never know!

As for my friend who lost hers...I will share with you when mine are ready Alma!  Don't let me forget!!  :)


  1. I am so happy you escaped the damage. It sure was cold we had frost also. I am glad you had a nice weekend away. :) B

  2. Same here it is strange for us to still be having frost at this time of year but our weather now is warming up day and night ! Hope your veggies do well ! Have a good day !

  3. Oh gee, really frost? I am glad they weren't hurt to bad. I still haven't got mine in yet. I am thinking of planting them in a wire cage that I saw on pinterest. The ground gets so hot here that I thought I might try it. Who knows, I better do it soon.
    I never thought about your frost date being after the 15th of May.

  4. It has been a strange spring. One winery near us lost about 70% of their grapes to a hard frost. :-( Hope your potatoes recover.

  5. It looks like they might be okay from your pictures, I sure hope so!

  6. I'm glad that your potatoes are ok. Our last frost is usually around after the full moon in June. The full moon is on the 4th.

    I planted a handful of sprouted potato chunks in small flower pot which I forgot to shelter and the soil was frozen on the top so I'm waiting to see if they will sprout. I have two small sprout that survived.

    If you get frost again you can minimize the frost damage by sprinkle some water on the plants before the sun rises, they might be OK.


  7. We decided not to plant taters this year and give that area of the garden a rest. I'm sure your potatoes will come back fine. :)

  8. I too had potatoes growing from ones I missed picking last year. Was surprised to see them damaged by the frost. I suspect the potato seed chunks have enough reserve to push out more leaves. Yours certainly look like they will recover.

  9. That is so sweet of you to share. I love farms - I don' t own one - I am a city girl - but I love experiencing the lives of others. Hope your potatoes are okay. sandie


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