Friday, May 25, 2012

A Corn Update...and More...

Here we are at Memorial Day weekend already...and the weather forecast is typical.  It's to be hot...temps in the upper 80's, and it's to feel like 92 degrees on Sunday.  I think summer's here!

One thing this weather is good for, is growing corn.  Earlier in May, I posted about how fast the corn was growing.  We thought it was growing fast then, but look at the change from then 'til now...

Just two days ago, we had about an inch of rain...and with the heat that's expected this weekend, it will be growing like crazy.  I'm doing an experiment here.  I marked this particular corn stalk, and next week I'm going to measure it again.  I might be wrong...but I'm expecting to see a significant change...

On another note...some other other things have been happening here over the past few weeks.  We're sad that Slinky, one of our very favorite cats...otherwise known as the Ultimate Kitty apparently contracted a respiratory virus and didn't survive.  There will never be another cat quite like her, and we miss her!

However, we were so happy to still have Peanut, Slinky's daughter.  She's the kitty that takes me to my "happy place".  So when Peanut began showing signs of the same illness that took her mother's life, we were worried.  We took her two 5-6 week old babies into the house for the weekend and tried our best to take care of them.  We mixed up a formula that I found on the internet for their milk...Jenna faithfully cleaned the goopy eyes of the one kitty and fed it with a syringe, as it wasn't able to lap milk from a bowl.  We were glad that they learned to use a litter box pretty quickly.

We had very little hope for Peanut, but decided to take her to the vet.  Remember, she's a barn cat that comes and goes as she pleases...

He gave her fluids, antibiotics and something for her fever, and we hoped for the best...

...and we're happy to say that cats really do have nine lives!  She slowly began drinking, then picking at food, and appears to be recovering nicely!  We put her babies back in the barn with her, and the little family seems happy together.  The little ones are eating and drinking from a bowl...

...and becoming rather spoiled!  The black one is definitely the boss.

What is it about babies that melts our hearts and makes us do things we never thought we'd do?  

Have a great weekend...and stay cool!


  1. I hope those two little dolls will be earning their keep in the barn very soon! My sympathies for Slinky, we lost our Nickie to a virus that the vet could not explain two years ago.

  2. Wow. your corn is really growing fast. This nice warm weather sure is great for growing corn in your fields.

    So sorry about your favorite cat dyeing. A mother cat disapeared this week and I found her newborn abandoned screaming and cold kitten at the barn and took her home. Her eyes were still closed when I found her and I'm feeding her some cat milk replacer. She was drinking 2 cc of milk at first and wouldn't suck well but now she downs 5 cc and is getting stronger. She is doing so well. I hope that your other cat will recuperate fast.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend. JB

  3. Oh Alica I love the look of growing corn there is something so satisfying in that. I am so sorry about your kittens but those little ones in the photo are adorable.
    Have a nice Memorial Day weekend. I am off to an auction. :) B

  4. There is something about kittens. I'm not a big cat fan, but I can't see an animal suffer. I hope the best for Peanut and I'm sorry about Slinky. My sweet corn never came up in the orchard. I think the ground was too hard. It was worth a try.

  5. I think it is just because they are kitties. I am so sorry you lost the Momma cat. I am glad her daughter is responding and I am glad the kitten looks like they will make it.
    When you love animals that is just how it is I think.
    I can't wait to see how much your corn grows. Let me know if you can hear it growing. I have always wanted to know if that is true. I know I can hear pinecones popping open on hot days. I hope the same is true for the corn.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Aaaawwww, so sorry about your momma cat.....glad you have her babies, and cute they are!

    We need rain here soooooo very bad or the corn and beans are not going to do very well.....the corn here is looking really stressed!

  7. Can't wait to see the results of your corn growing experiment!
    Sorry about Slinky but glad the others seem to be doing well!
    "What is it about babies that melts our hearts and makes us do things we never thought we'd do?" I think it's just that we can't stand to see baby ANYTHINGS suffer! :)

  8. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your cat, but I'm glad to hear the treatment helped Peanut. There is just something about babies!

  9. Your corn looks great. A lot of my first planting ended up not germinating, for some reason. yes, definitely something about babies...any kind of babies.


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