Monday, June 13, 2016

It Must Be June...

Another week has started with a bang.

Second cutting of hay is under way already.  Jim mowed on Saturday and baled this evening.  Yesterday was windy (so windy in fact, that when we came home from Church, the 2000 piece puzzle that I had half finished had blown off the table and onto the floor!!) and today was beautiful...low humidity, sunny and breezy.  Perfect hay drying weather.

See the leaves on this hay bale?  That's beautiful hay...

The cows are eagerly awaiting the "crumbs" from the wagon after it's unloaded.  Jenna swept them into the hay rack in the meadow.  It was getting close to dark, and I like how the cows' eyes are glowing...

Some of them just couldn't wait, and snuck around to the back side of the wagon.  I couldn't get a picture without their heads getting blurry.  They just wouldn't hold still!

After the hay was unloaded, we got a call that the combine was on it's way to the barley field.  The combine outlined against the western sky was truly beautiful. If only I had the right kind of camera.  As it goes, you get to see the edge of the field and the specks of light in the center of the picture just above the barley are the lights from the combine...

I parked along the edge of the road and tried to get a few pictures as he came past...

This is in the field behind can see the straw being spit out the back of the combine into two windrows...

The next step will be baling straw.  Maybe tomorrow?  It should make lots of bales!

(The grain yield was great...roughly 100 bushels per acre!)

As for those kids who wanted to party in the barley field last Saturday night...we found their whiskey bottle.  But no...wait...they hadn't been in the field!!


  1. I hope you didn't find the whiskey bottle when it ran through the combine! I don't know about yields on barley, but 100 bu/acre sounds really good to me who is used to wheat yields. We test-cut some wheat yesterday, but it was still too wet. Good luck getting it baled!

    1. Thankfully, no...we found the bottle when we were taking moisture samples!

  2. Sounds like a good day at the farm. : ) Glad things are going well.

  3. I am so glad you got the barley harvested now. Crazy kids.
    I love seeing the cows eating the leavings. I am glad it isn't so humid for you. Have a great Tuesday.

  4. Nice to see those cows so happy!

  5. Good haying weather! Those cows really can't wait, can they? Corn is planted around our property this year, so it's not too high yet. We need a stretch of hot days. -Jenn


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