Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Baling Barley Straw 2016... that's done!

After the barley was combined on Monday evening, Jim had the task ahead of baling all that straw.

Here's the field the morning after harvest. The combine left long windrows of straw, which I think make a beautiful picture!

The grain was dry, but the straw still had a little green tint to it and was a little too damp for baling, so just after morning milking, Jim spread out the windrows with a tedder and let the strong breeze and sunshine do it's work...

Just after lunchtime...(oh the drying power of a strong breeze!)...the straw was fit and ready to bale.  He raked it back up into windrows and started filling wagons...

Eric took off work early and came home to help with the unloading, and we were able to round up some other guys as well.  While Jenna and I milked, Jim baled and the guys kept the wagons emptied.

This morning, Jenna and my nephew swept the "crumbs" off the empty wagons back into the field, and Jim finished up baling.  I think the total was just over ten loads.  The barn is full and an Amish neighbor bought part of a load.  (here's an interesting tidbit of information...the Amish don't grow barley or wheat, which is where straw comes from, because it's harvested using combines, which they don't have!)  It makes a great bedding for their horses.

It feels so good to have that job finished!  Now it's time to spread manure on the empty field before planting with soybeans and late corn.


  1. Great job to have done! Wish I had some straw. I really need new bedding for the chickens.

  2. There are some beautiful fields of wheat around here, and I expect we will see combines soon. Haying has started after a wet May, but soybeans still have to be planted.

  3. Looks like you are having a good season there. To answer your question about free martins, yes a heifer born twin to a bull will most likely result in a free martin. This set of twins though, were both heifers so there shouldn't be a problem.


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