Saturday, June 11, 2016

Friday's Hunt...

What a week it's been!

We've had some of the most beautiful weather of the summer this week...several days of temps in the 70's with very low humidity and a nice breeze all day long!  So very unusual for this area this time of year, and I wish I could have captured it to save for later.  Today felt much more like typical June and muggy, with threatening thunderstorms.

I'm linking up again with Teresa at Eden Hills, for Friday's Hunt.

This week's prompts are...

"Week's favorite"...

Do you remember this bird's nest that was in my hanging baskets? Now the eggs have hatched in both baskets, and we have nine baby House Finches!  I hear the parents outside my kitchen window all day long.  The dads perch on the chains to the hanging baskets, keeping watch for any movement near the porch door.  As soon as they see us, off they fly...

"Starts with X"...

I chose the uneXpected this week.

We have a strip of stones beside our porch, and the weeds have to be kept after.  This spring, however, I saw something growing that looked suspiciously like Petunias. I left them grow, and a few days ago this opened! I haven't planted white petunias in years, so it's a mystery to me where they came from!

Another uneXpected surprise was this, when I walked into the house tonight...

Caught in the middle of a big yawn...Murphy does NOT belong in the house. The kids had some fun with her on this very hot, muggy day, so we took a few pictures and sent her back outside where she's I'm MUCH happier.

The last prompt is "Wet...or Water"...

It's been a dry week, so I don't have any rain pictures to show you...and the storms that are predicted for tonight haven't come I'll show you what happens when you turn on the hose and wash down the walls of the house with water...which is what I spent an hour or so doing yesterday morning...

Everything feels so fresh and clean again!  This part of the house faces west and south, and when the wind blows, the dust collects on the siding, and after while it gets...just yucky. I took the hose and a scrub brush with soapy water, and cleaned it thoroughly.  What a good feeling it is.  It might only stay this clean for a short time, but...

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!


  1. you have a pretty place. murphy is adorable. yup, she'd be in the house at my place - along with the 4 i already have.

  2. How have I never seen that lovely upper porch before? That's wonderful! Murphy seems like a patient pet! I love that the eggs have hatched. My daughter is working at a garden center this summer and they have had the same thing happen. There are blue eggs in one of the hanging planters, so they have a sign asking customers not to move that particular plant and the reason why. I don't think they have hatched yet. -Jenn

  3. uneXpected starts with "X"?

  4. House Finches make such happy sounds. I'm sure you've heard those little ones calling for their breakfast! Surprise flowers are always welcome. Murphy looks like a good sport. Pretty home! I'm also smitten with that upper porch! Reminds me of the home where we held a writers retreat last year. We've had so much rain our siding is turning a lovely shade of green - NOT really so lovely.

  5. Congrats on the baby birds! They are adorable. Love the surprise of Murphy in the house. I'm sure she appreciated the cool down. Pretty petunia. You have a lovely home. I'm always impressed with how neat your place is. Thanks for joining in Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

  6. well now Ithink you should have kept Murphy's YAWN for next week when we have the letter Y but he looks hilarious and I am susre the kids that fun dressing him up. Sorry for being so late to visit, mine was published last Friday so hope you will pop in.


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