Monday, June 27, 2016

Finishing Up Second Cutting...

It's all baled...finally!

It was a good drying weekend, but rain was forecast for this afternoon.  So Jim headed to the field right after breakfast this morning and raked up the last two fields of second cutting alfalfa.  He began baling late morning, and finished up with four big loads, just as the drizzling started.  There were a few bales that wouldn't fit on the last wagon, so he dropped them on the ground. Jenna and my cousin picked them up, stacked them on a neighbor's empty wagon, and unloaded them at the other farm.

All the full wagons were backed into the barn to stay dry until after milking tonight.  Jim, Eric and my cousin unloaded two of them...

The mow is getting full!  Some years we can hardly get dry hay, so we're glad for every load that is put in the mow!  Balage is nice, but dry hay is the best!

Tomorrow the other two loads will get unloaded, and next Jim will bale the spring seeding.

It never ends!


  1. Second cut? Our farmers are just starting the first. It looks like they could get a second this year

  2. Nice that you are getting a second cut already. We just had our first!


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