Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Surprise!...and A Mistake?...

Look what I found in the weeds of the chicken pen...


I wondered why I wasn't getting as many eggs lately. I counted over a dozen in that pile.

And now for "a mistake?"...

Not knowing how fresh they were, I just smushed them.  That's kind of fun, you know?  Stepping on eggs just for the fun of it!

However, I forgot how much chickens like to eat ANYTHING, and they swarmed the pile of goo immediately.  I hope they don't decide to break and eat their eggs on a daily basis!  They've been known to do that.

The moral of the story is...

Mow your weeds.


  1. They are sneaky like that aren't they? They do turn into crazy cannibals when they see a broken egg.
    My chickens have had so much attention with my grand daughters here for a week.
    I am sure your hens will love those weeds too.

  2. When I was little and had to gather the eggs, it was always difficult to get the chickens out of the nest so i could pick out the eggs, so after i had gathered a few, i would throw some across the chicken house so the chickens would all run to eat the eggs, and then i could gather the rest in peace. My dad always wondered why i never got as many eggs as anyone else....but i didn't tell him until we moved off of the farm why that was an issue! ;)

  3. They do love their eggs. As long as they have plenty of calcium, they probably won't start eating theirs. They can certainly be sneaky about where they lay them.

  4. I gave all old eggs I found to the girls, in ten years I had one egg eater :-) At my old place, in 8 years, none. It was fun to watch them go crazy eating them!

  5. Isn't it amazing where those clucky little hens can hide a nest? I had a good laugh at ranck5's comment above!

  6. If I'm not sure I give the eggs to my dog. He just loves them!

  7. When we kept hens, we had a large rubber maid container filled with oyster shell against one wall of the hen house. It was shocking to find how many eggs were laid behind that thing!! We weren't sure how old some of them were, so we didn't end up using any of those. Funny how hens will find secretive places to lay. -Jenn


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