Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday's Hunt...

I'ts time again for Friday's Hunt, with Teresa at Eden Hills.

This week's prompts are...

"Starts with V"...

This one was easy for me.  Jenna has two violins.  The one in the black case is her original "school grade" violin that she's had for years.  It stays at school in the orchestra room, and she uses it for rehearsal.  (a sure sign that school is almost over...they're both at home again)  The one in the brown case is the good one, that she bought after our trip to Philadelphia last summer.  It's the violin that she uses for auditions and performances.  It sounds soooo much better than the original one!  I can honestly say that I never tire of hearing her play!

 My "week's favorite" is what I found in two of my hanging baskets when I took them down for watering.  A house finch has a nest with four eggs in this basket, and her friend has five eggs in another one!

Every time we come near, or open the kitchen door, they fly away.  This morning when I watered, they were all out of sorts.  I had to hide inside the living room and take this picture through the window when this one came back to her nest.  Can you see her?

"Sunshine" is the last prompt.  We've had abundant sunshine this week, and are very thankful to be rain-free for a time.  The sunshine was so pretty this evening shining on my peonies, which just opened yesterday...

...and on the iris...

...and of course along with sunshine comes shadows...

Life certainly hasn't slowed down at all here.  We're glad that Eric is home and helping around the farm before he starts his summer job next week.  Jim finished first cutting of hay yesterday, the soybeans were planted on Tuesday, and tonight the corn planter is running.  Jenna will be finished with school next week, and will be able to be a big help too, although she's starting a summer job before long too!

What's happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. beautiful blooms - and sweet nesters in your baskets!

  2. Liking this post, Alicia. Aren't you glad the kids are coming home, even if not to stay. Our next youngest grandchild didn't come home this year, she is staying in Washington, D.C, all summer. She has a job that will cover room and board.
    Mrs. Jim has a violin that she never has played. We got it off eBay and it tunes good. She was playing her viola in the church orchestra but her arthritis got too bad for her to play. That was about the time she got the violin.

  3. My favourite is the Peonies closely followed by the shadow shot. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I love your peony...I'm off to a tree peony festival.

  5. Those little nests are precious! (How do you manage to water your plants now?) Beautiful blooms. Our peonies are just in the bud stage right now. -Jenn

  6. Enjoying the sunshine here too. How cool to have a nest in your basket. Beautiful flowers.

  7. I enjoyed your post with all the joys of spring, the delightful flowers and the hanging basket surprise.

  8. Alicia, Violin is a great V word. Wow a nest in a flower basket, that makes for a pretty home. Your flowers are wonderful. Sylvia

  9. It is so wet here that haying will be waiting, and farmers will be re-planting. I don't have any hanging baskets this year, but I would LOVE to find a nest in one!

  10. How nice to have summer in full swing with the kids around to help. I am glad to hear you are getting to plant now. Love your shadow shot. Beautiful flowers and how sweet to have the nests in your hanging planters. Thank you so much for linking up to Friday's Hunt. Have a great Memorial Day and week ahead.

  11. What fun getting to watch the chicks! Your peonies are beautiful. I would love to hear your daughter play.


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