Monday, May 30, 2016

It's Great Growing Weather...

What happens when you have a weekend of hot humid sunshine and .3" of rain overnight?

You can take a guess...looking at this freshly planted corn field...

Corn that was planted only 48 hours ago has sprouted!

...and soybeans planted just on Thursday are up so far that you can see the rows!

This year's corn went into the ground pretty late, due to circumstances beyond our control. The field pictured at the top was planted after dark on Friday...only a little over two days ago.  It was heartwarming to see the 1/2" sprouts this morning when we poked around in the soil "just to see".  A wet spring has left lots of moisture in the warm ground, and combined with unseasonably warm hot temps the germination process has been accelerated.

We're feeling thankful this morning!


  1. We planted... just a bit in our grade... but we have had cold weather and nothing is up, yet!

  2. Our corn looked like it grew overnight, too. It's always encouraging to see the beginnings of a new crop. We got another 1.30" of rain overnight. We are ready for it to dry out for a bit. We wish we could bottle it for later in the summer. But after tomorrow, the forecast looks like we'll dry out. Just as you said ... circumstances beyond our control! Such is life on the farm.

  3. I can always see God's hand of blessing on your place. It always amazes me. It just looks so beautiful.

  4. farmers have been planting corn into bone dry soil the last few weeks, over the weekend we received much needed rain

  5. That's wonderful that your crops are taking off and growing, esp. with the crazy weather we've had so far this year.
    Happy growing!


  6. Making up for lost time.

    Have a great day.


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