Sunday, May 22, 2016

Friday's Hunt...

This week for Friday's Hunt, the prompts are...

"In the Morning"...

The morning sunlight (yes...sunlight!!) shining on the barley field is beautiful...

"Week's favorite"...

This close up of the barley heads is my favorite this week...

...and "starts with U"...

Jenna plays in the  Lancaster Youth Symphony Orchestra, and they had a concert on Friday evening underneath the awning at a park in Lancaster.  It was a beautiful rain !!...and they did a fantastic job.  The season is now finished.  I'm glad that she'll have some more free time now that the practices are over, but it's been a great experience...

It's been a crazy week once again!  If I don't get around to visiting as many blogs as usual, please bear with me!


  1. love the good crop of barley, too. :)

  2. Those fields are breathtakingly beautiful...

  3. I was glad to see the close-up of the barley because it's not a crop with which I'm familiar. I learned something today!

    I love music, so I'm sure I would have loved the concert. Music is something Jenna will be able to use and enjoy her entire life.

  4. I do get how busy this time of year is. Glad you're getting a break in the weather. The barley looks good! That's quite the impressive performance venue! Thank you for sharing with Friday's Hunt. Hope you have a great week!

  5. Love the photos of the crop, especially the close up. And well done to the young people!

  6. Your barley is looking excellent!!! I LOVE watching crops grow and develop! Now I hope you do NOT get rain with wind, until it is harvested!


  7. I would love that view in the morning! I bet the air there is so clean and fresh!

  8. I can see why that picture is a favorite. The greens and blues are so pretty.


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