Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Oops...Minor Wind Damage...

Years ago, our neighbors had a shed they didn't want anymore.  So...Jim hooked a chain to it and pulled it up the road into an awkward section of the meadow.

We then put a fence around it...and put a porch on it.

We also bartered with a friend...some beef for some landscaping work.  Win-win situation!  One thing we had him do, was to plant two trees in the chicken yard to provide some shade...a Honey Locust and a Zelkova.  Both trees have thrived and grown, until last fall I noticed that the Zelkova was getting a lot of brown leaves before it should've.

Then came the wind last night, and when I went to give the chickens water this morning, I was surprised...

It wasn't uprooted, as you can see, but it simply broke off at the ground!

Luckily it didn't hit the chicken shed or the porch...

...and the Honey Locust is still doing well.  It should provide plenty of shade for the chickens and even for the calf hutches as it grows...

Bummer.  But it could have been worse.  Lots worse.  Last week a tornado touched down about 20-25 minutes from here and did some major damage to barns and homes.  No one was injured, but there was about eight million dollars in damage.

This was just a minor inconvenience.


  1. glad you and yours were safe - and the chicken coop, too.

  2. Your blog is the third I've read tonight with a picture of a tree coming down!!
    Glad no damage was done.
    Very windy here too last night, but no trees came down.

  3. So glad you were safe. There's already been some scary weather, and we aren't even to spring yet.

  4. I agree with edenhills. I am so glad you are safe. I feel sorry for those who were not. HUGS B

  5. Monday morning, I saw a tree knocked over in a yard where no one lives.
    That afternoon, I went by again... it was GONE! Someone saw good fireplace wood and took care of it!

  6. I always hate to see a tree go down, especially one I've planted or lived with for years. It's like losing a friend.

  7. Even when we have setbacks, it's always easy to find people who have suffered much more. Glad it wasn't worse for you!


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