Monday, March 28, 2016

Pickin' Up Rocks...

What kind of family activities do you do over Easter break?

Last Friday afternoon we picked up rocks in the fields where Jim is planning to seed alfalfa.  Years ago, we did this every spring.  The fields where the alfalfa will be seeded need to be as smooth and rock-free as possible.  However in the past number of years, Jim has no-tilled and so we were out of a job.  It was so long ago in fact, that the kids don't even remember doing this!

I got the driving job, and the kids rode in the back of the truck up the field lane and into the fields...

(Please don't judge me by my dirty mirrors!  :)  )

They walked along behind the truck and picked up rocks and golf balls...yes, the neighbors drive golf balls out into the fields!...and tossed them into the back of the truck...

Looks like we must've missed one...

While we were driving around, this tractor kept following us...

When we were finished, we headed down the field lane, and they tossed the rocks off into the rock pile.  Ask any farmer you know...I'll bet he has a rock pile somewhere!

Ours here at the "other farm" is out behind the barn...

It looks like tomorrow will be the day Jim seeds the alfalfa, if the weather cooperates.  How can it be that time of year again already?


  1. I've never picked rocks, but I certainly see lots of old rock piles around here!

  2. You live in God Contry... Nice green grass already. Yep, rock picking is a standard farming chore and for us since we live in a flood zone since the dam was built years ago, we also have to pick drift wood every spring. My husband purchased a rock picking piece of equipment that he attaches to the tractor and makes a great job of picking drift wood off the field. We live by the great St John River.

    It's raining here today and hopefully it will melt some snow.
    Sending some Easter Blessings.

  3. I was just thinking the other day as I was picking up rocks how much more useful kids would be if they would pick up rocks instead of Easter eggs. Looks like you were a step ahead of me.

  4. Oh, yes! I so understand the picking of rocks, the rock pile, getting ready to seed three weeks we will be doing that. Now days it's just me picking rocks (oh and Boomer, but he is terribly useless. Always off doing something else.)


  5. I so remember picking rocks. The farm where I grew up was sagebrush and grass before my dad took a plow to it. I swore he planted more rocks every time he planted seeds because we had grand crop of rocks to harvest every spring for years. Good thing you have such hard working helpers to help you with your field rocks.

  6. i picked rocks in wisconsin one spring for my cousin. :)

  7. Doesn't everyone do this activity? : ) We don't have a farm but up at Happy Trails we are always picking up rocks.

  8. What a wonderful place to live ! I am a city girl

  9. I think because so may years ago when this was a truck farm, someone must have picked up the rocks. I have my little rock pile but never like I wished it was. I guess you always have to pick up rocks though. I think the kids must have had fun riding around in the back of the truck. Our kids liked that part the best. I hope you had a very nice Easter.

  10. Does anyone live at the other farm?

  11. Loved this post! I know 2 girls who would love to help you pick up rocks...of course they'd want to bring them all home with them LOL! I really like the photos you used-the mirror perspective is really creative!


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