Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Chicken Porch...

The other day while the barley was being combined, something else was happening elsewhere on the farm…

You see, although our chickens have quite a large fenced in area to freely roam, it’s mostly in the direct sun.  We put an old garden shed from our neighbors in the pen for their shelter, and two years ago we planted a couple of shade trees.  The trees aren't big enough to provide much shade yet, so we took pity on the ladies and improved their living conditions by building them a porch.  Not only will it provide them with more shade, but it will give them another place to hide from hawks...

To say that my Dad, a retired farmer/pastor/cabinetmaker is “handy” is an understatement!  I truly think he could make just about anything!  He has the equipment and space to do it, and now he has the time as well. So…we enlisted his help...

Actually, he did all the work, and we helped. A little. We helped with some lifting and Eric pounded some nails, but it was mostly Grandpa!

Now the girls have a lovely porch on which to have hen parties!

Next, I’m just waiting to see them roosting on top of it!

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  1. What a lovely porch! Isn't it nice to have a dad that is so handy? I'm just waiting for mine to have shoulder surgery and heal so I can put him back to work!

  2. Harumph! Now, I suppose the goats are still stuck in the sunshine!

  3. They seem to like the porch. I have noticed that folks do take good care of their chickens! Must be the eggs:@)

  4. Wow lucky girls your Dad does great work.I like his smile. B

  5. I want a dad like that! Mine lives about 7 hours away! You are soooo lucky.

  6. What a fine job! Love it. We covered part of the run with corrugated roofing because our hen house and run do not get a lot of shade either.

  7. Oh, I love it! Great job! Girls need their shade!

  8. Great chicken coop ! My daughter built a new coop for her chickens too. Not as nice as the one your Dad built though, your chickens should be very happy and lay loads of eggs for your family


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