Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Grazing...

The cows have been getting a little antsy.

The nights have been too cold for them to go out...and the last couple of days were either rainy or muddy, so they stayed inside.

The grass in the waterway has also been growing.


This morning Jim put in fence posts along the waterway and across the corner of one of the hay fields, and a rye grass field...

Here he's dragging the wire that is attached to the tractor up across the fields to the furthermost fence posts, under those far away trees...

My camera just snapped this picture for fun.  Three lonely round bales, along with about a half dozen corn stalks that were left by the chopper.  It was kind of him to not hit the bags as he went by!  :)

The cows were watching from the meadow, and they knew something was up...

I got closer, and I knew exactly who I'd see on the other side of the wire. #314 didn't take her eyes off of us the entire time we were working on the fence.  She just knew there was something greener on the other side...

I love watching the cows get so excited when they're left out into a new area to graze!  They kick up their heels and run like little kids!

( Please excuse the shaky video.  I wasn't doing a very good job of standing still!  It was also pretty windy, and there's a lot of noise in the back ground )

Standing guard at the top of the water way, just in case anyone gets unruly...

Meanwhile, Murphy and Snickers stole an ear of corn out of the truck and entertained themselves.  What is it about ears of corn that dogs find so appealing?

Grazing cows...

We just brought the cows back into the barn, and their bellies are full of grass.  They'll be contented tonight!


  1. i love when the older girls get happy and run, too! love your pups and their corn removal. gotta be good teeth cleaning, you think? :)

  2. There is just something about cows jumping and bucking with tails in air that makes me smile!

  3. Those hay rolls look like giant marshmallows :)

  4. Oh I know all about what my husband George calls "Cow Mentality". The grass is always greener on the other side. They are so predictable and they are all pretty much the same yet they have different characters. It makes our job interesting.

    Happy Farming Alicia and Happy Halloween.

    Great little video of the girls.

  5. I really enjoyed that video. The girls were so happy to be on the loose. Our cows have no appreciation of their year round outdoor life, they just meander from place to place.

  6. I look forward to seeing cows on my walks. Great to see the cow video.

  7. My horses are the same way - they get all hyped up when we rotate pastures. The grass really is better on the other side ;-)

  8. Those cows are so cute! Reminds me of kids getting out for Christmas break!!
    Made me smile to see the dogs with a corn cob too.
    One of our dogs used to love corn cobs, but our Rowdy doesn't ... hmmm.. guess he's not much of a corn lover.

    Have a great new week!


  9. You cut off their tails? How can they swish flies off? Is that REALLY necessary?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi Victoria...thanks for your visit! We realize that the practice of docking cows' tails can be perceived by the public as unnecessary and a bit unkind. It's done primarily to keep the cows' udders free of manure, and yes, also for the comfort of those doing the milking. Cows that are out on the range would be a totally different scenario, but with dairy cows, they spend a lot of time in the barn with fans running, etc. We are diligent about fly control, and our cows don't seem to be bothered much by flies or other insects. It's done by banding, which is a mostly painless procedure for the cow. Somewhat because of public perception, however, the practice is likely "on the way out".

  11. Alica, I'm sorry if I sounded critical - it just hurt my heart when I saw they had been docked. I've never seen that before. I rather thought that since you use milking machines the dirty tails would not be a problem. I'm guessing you wash the udders before placing the milker on the teats?

    I've milked cows before and know how getting swatted in the face/head with a dirty tail is not fun. Sounds like I'm certainly not educated in the ways of modern milking practices.

    1. No offense taken! :) I know that some folks really don't like the practice, and I can certainly understand. I didn't meant to sound upset with your question, either. I guess that's why the printed word is sometimes misinterpreted, in that we can't hear tone of voice, etc.

      Yes, we do clean their teats before milking, and we spray them afterwards with an idodine solution, but when they lay where they shouldn't (wouldn't it be nice if we could teach them good hygiene! :) ) the manure can still cause mastitis, etc if it finds it way into the teat.

      Thanks for the question...and I hope you come back for another visit! Enjoy your day! :)


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