Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fall 2015...

My camera and I took a walk this afternoon...

My camera can't do the leaves justice...they're so much brighter than they look here.  I think the bright yellows (which I have no pictures of) and the bright red/oranges are my favorites.  And oh, don't forget the dark reds.

Last weekend my sister and I traveled to a cross country meet about one hour north of here, and the drive was spectacular!  I'm so glad to live where we see the change of seasons.  Every year, without fail, we see God's beauty!

Yesterday's rain, along with the wind that has continued today, has brought a lot of the leaves to the ground...

Jim no longer picks corn, so an Amish neighbor asked if he could use our corn crib for a few loads of his corn.  He'll sell it later out of the crib.  It's nice to see it in use again...

The barley that Jim seeded is growing nicely...

And last but not least, my shadow, Murphy, followed me everywhere this afternoon.  When I went to visit a neighbor, she patiently waited for me along the edge of the soybean field...

What a loyal friend!


  1. Your shadow is beautiful Alica. What a great companion...
    I just love this time of year and all the colors.
    You managed to captured a beautiful display of brilliant foliage. I haven't had time to go out to take pictures, but I've spent a lot of time outdoors cleaning up flowerbeds and vegetable gardens.

    Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween.

  2. murphy is adorable!!! good pup! love the shades of autumn you see.

  3. Awe... Murphy is a cutie! Nothing like a dog as a pal.
    I adore our dog, too!

    You've captured Fall colors beautifully, thanks for sharing.
    Love that picture of the corn crib.. looks great, filling up with corn. That's very kind of you to let your neighbor borrow it.

    Smiles :)

  4. This is such a pretty time of year. I too am happy to live where we get all the seasons.
    Murphy is a great looking dog. Labs are the best dogs!!

  5. Fall colors are a gift we get to keep our spirits up for the long gray to follow. Although I do like the beauty of fresh snow as long as I don't have to drive too far in it. Doggie friends are some of the best kind.


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