Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Frost...

Ok, it feels really strange to be posting about our weekend frost, when the temps are currently in the high 60's.  Oh really did happen.

I took these pictures the middle of last week, of what was still growing around here.

When I dug my potatoes a while back, there were a few sunburned ones that I left lay in the garden.  They rooted and began growing again, so I left them, just to see what would happen...

Serrano peppers galore...(anyone have any good uses for these in excess?)...

A few lonely tomatoes...

And my favorite...ripening raspberries...

Then on early Saturday morning we had a frost.  The tips of the leaves were just a little wilted, but on Sunday morning we had another frost, this one much harder.

The potatoes bit the dust, so I dug them this morning, and found only a few bite sized ones, barely an inch in diameter.  We'll see how they taste...

I think the peppers are finished... are the tomatoes.  But then again, they never really got started for me...I can't grow tomatoes!!

The raspberries are fine...and I'm so glad.  I'm just learning about them, and this is the first year they've produced.  They survived being dug out by the dogs (!) early in the summer, and have been growing like weeds, producing large, juicy berries.

Last but not least, the frost certainly didn't affect these cuties.  Peanut's kitties are alive and well in the fodder mow.  Here are the boys...

...and the girls...

Anyone need a good barn cat (or two) to keep the mice at bay?  They're really sweet...honest!


  1. Oh those kittens are so adorable I would love one but it is kinda far away.
    That frost was a heavy one too bad about your garden. I cannot believe you still HAD an amazing looking garden. You must have a green thumb for sure. B

  2. We had frost too and much rain. In fact we are getting so many wet days that the grass was swishing as I walked to the barn across the back yard. Our potatoes are still in the ground and it has been too wet and not enough time to pick them between raindrops.

    I lost one of my calves Sunday morning and my husband took it to the lab just up the road for an autopsy.
    I got another little bull this morning. That 10 calves in15 days.

    The kittens are cute but I have plenty and the big cats are catching pigeons lately. They have never done that before. Always smaller birds and they bring them in the barn as gifts for me. They also have brought two rats and kill them and leave them in my path.

    Have a great week on the farm.


  3. I wish we were closer, we need a couple of good henhouse kittens to keep the mice at bay!

  4. Too bad about the garden. We've managed to escape the frosts for now but I'm sure it's coming soon.

  5. Our gardens are done too. But your looked really good until the frost. Glad the raspberries are still good though! Love those!
    Oh I wish we were closer. I'd love two of the boy kitties!! They are sooooooooo cute, and the kiddos would love them to pieces! They look nice and healthy!! Thanks for the tease though:(

  6. I'd love to take that adorable black kitten. I have a soft spot for black kitties. Glad to hear the raspberries survived.

  7. Me to wish I was closer I would bring one of those little cuties home ! Our weather here has been up and down as well . I don't think Mother nature even knows what she is doing lol ! Lovely photos . Have a great day !

  8. Sorry about those tomatoes. There are so many things that can mess up their production. But it looks like you have a bumper crop of barn mousers. Cute too!

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  10. Those kitties are cute, I saw them. If I had a barn I would take one maybe two ;) We had a freeze here too. I got most everything picked, what I didn't pick is no good now ;( Now all that is left is to day dream about next years garden !

  11. They look so great and then the frost. Oh well, there is always next year. The kitties are such cute barn cats.
    I always like stopping by to see what you have been up to.
    Have a nice week!

  12. Darn the frost!!! Gald your raspberries survived. I have a large raspberry patch and they grow well with just a little care. Enjoy the potatoes.

  13. Cute kittens! We (supposedly) have a couple down at the barn but we never see them. I guess that it is them eating the cat food! LOL!!
    For next time with the peppers, you can dehydrate them and then grind them for use in cooking. :)

  14. I bet we've got more cats than you do......maybe 15?

    We've had frost too and I was ready for it.

    I pick off the peppers, wash, dry and then bag them and freeze them for later use in chili, goulash or anything requiring a little bite. They can be chopped while still frozen. Put some down in vinegar for a pepper sauce.


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