Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leisurely Breakfast...

It's dreary out there again today, and a good day to have a leisurely breakfast!  Let me bore you with what we ate this morning...

Puffy Breakfast Omelet

Saute (in butter, of course) several tablespoons of onion and green pepper, or veggies of choice.  I found more peppers in my garden yesterday, so I used lots...

Separate the yolks and whites of four eggs (homegrown are best!)...

Beat egg whites until stiff.  Add 2 tbsp mayonnaise, 3 tbsp water, 1/2 tsp salt to the egg yolks and mix well.  Fold the egg white and yolk mixture together.  Pour over sauteed veggies in pan and cook over low heat, uncovered, for five minutes.

Cover the pan and cook for five minutes longer, or until set.  Sprinkle with 3/4 cup shredded cheese, and seasonings of choice.  I used some of the oregano and basil that I grew and dried this summer...

Score the omelet in the middle, fold in half and serve...


Hopefully you weren't too bored, but your mouth is watering instead!  We don't always take the time to have  a leisurely breakfast, but it sure tasted good this morning.

Now it's time to get back to work.  The kids are back in school after a long holiday weekend, and there's lots of catching up to do.


  1. Oh yes my mouth was watering. I would love to have been there for a bite.
    I had a boring smoothie because it is busy day today and I guess I am lazy and alone:) B

  2. Alicia, that is definitely a nice breakfast. I'm all for leisurely breakfast, but I have to work up an appetite first by doing my barn chores, then breakfast. Sometimes the breakfast is very late, almost time for lunch so it becomes a brunch.

    Thanks for sharing your scrumptious breakfast recipe.

    Last Wednesday after my morning chores were done, I spotted a cow who seemed in distress with calving. I was all alone in the barn so I went to take a closer look. The heifer was down and the calf head and two feet were out but the calf wasn't coming out. The cow had her tongue out about a foot and was pushing and moaning but still the calf wasn't moving so I grabbed some hay to wrap around the slippery front legs and lifted the calf a bit and dropped it down repeating this motion as best as I could and the fairly large calf came out. The poor mother was so exhausted that it took her three minutes to get up to lick her calf. Both are doing well. That was a late breakfast for me that day.

    1. Oh my, sounds like you needed more than a little bit for breakfast that morning! Those big calves are such a problem sometimes...glad they're doing well! Heifer or bull calf?

  3. Breakfast looks scrumptious and I learned MORE about cows by reading your comments!

  4. It looks wonderful. Some mornings it is so nice to just take a break and have a slow breakfast.
    I am glad you had a nice morning. Today it is a beautiful fall day.

  5. Looks YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing this . Have a good day !

  6. It's lunch time here but now I'm hungry for Puffy Breakfast Omelet. With homegrown eggs--yes the best. Great recipe and great demo photos. Thanks!

  7. Wow, that looks great. I want to try it for sure.

  8. Thanks for the tips. Omlets have never been my greatest accomplisment.

  9. Sounds delicious! Now I'm hungry!

  10. YUM!! We rarely take time for a leisurely breakfast. Most often, we have breakfast for supper! Your omelet looks perfect! :)

  11. That looks yummy! I certainly am ready to try that. This really looks good.

  12. OMGosh does that look great....I'm trying it on Sat. morning. Has been cooler and cloudy around here too, but I'm loving it !

  13. the omelet looks really good, I usually add a small amount of baking powder to my eggs and they get very fluffy. If makeing a large amount of scrambled eggs this makes them look like more and seems to feed more people.


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