Sunday, October 21, 2012

God's Paintbrush...

The leaves have been changing here, just like they do every year...but all of a sudden this weekend we realized that they're at their peak!  These pictures don't begin to do them justice, but I hope you enjoy some of the beauty.

I started out close to home...across the road at the golf course...looking out one of the upstairs bedroom windows...

More of the golf course.  The wild geese were having a pow wow at the pond...

The deep reds are my favorite, and are also the most elusive colors to find.  This tree is just starting to turn, and the picture doesn't do it justice...

Next, I headed west...we saw these beauties on our way to Church this morning...

And then I headed south...

Along the way, I found evidence of a small tornado that was part of an unpredicted and swift moving storm that caused damage on Friday evening a few miles south of us.  This Amish farm sustained damage to the house roof, and the storm flattened one of their barns.  I saw another barn about 1/2 mile away that was also destroyed, but the debris had already been cleaned up and burned yesterday.  My guess is that it will be rebuilt by the end of the week!  You could easily see the path the storm traveled by the trees that were snapped in half, and the debris scatted through the fields.  Thankfully there were no reports of fatalities...

...and just around a few corners later, another unspoiled patch of beauty...

I've always said that Spring is my favorite season, but now I'm not so sure.  This has been a beautiful fall!

What is your favorite season?


  1. Beautiful!

    And most definitely Autumn!

  2. I like fall the best followed by winter. There are no mosquitoes in either ( well, very few in fall). I don't have to clear snow as often as i cut grass in the spring and summer. Weird, uh?

  3. How I wish I was there to see the fall colors. Your pictures are wonderful. Isn't fall a little late for tornadoes, not that mother nature holds to the norms of human schedules. Glad no one was hurt!
    Thanks again for the pictures and please keep them coming.
    I had quilt group here today and talked all about my wonderful trip to Lancaster County!
    We might all be coming next time ;)

  4. I love your beautiful Autumn pictures. Such unspeakable beauty.
    I feel for the Amish farmers who suffered damage to their farm and buildings. It'ss great that they all pitch in to help one another as it should be.

    I love all the seasons especially the beginning of each season because it brings change for our tired minds. I find as each season drags on it becomes old and harsh and too hot or to cold or dirty or drab or wet. I always wondered why Autumn has two names. Fall and Autumn while the othetr three only have a name each...

    Have a great week Alica.


  5. Fall is my favorite... the colors almost make your eyes ache. I'm so sorry for those who lost buildings in the storm!

  6. Oh Alica these are wonderful I think Fall has always been my favourite.
    I am so sorry for the Amish farm.
    Thanks for making me smile with these beautiful glimpses into your world. B

  7. I love the cooler weather of fall, not that we have any here yet!! LOL!!
    I'm glad there were no fatalities from those tornadoes, what a mess.

  8. The colors are beautiful. I just can't pick a favorite season. Winter is my least favorite, but it is quite necessary. Those storms are scary. Glad you were safe.

  9. I always think Spring is too until fall then I know fall is my favorite. It really would be my favorite if I had all of that lovely scenery to look at. Yeah, I bet that stuff is rebuilt by the end of the week too, It is too bad that the tornado did that damage. I am glad no one was hurt.
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  10. It would be so sad to live in a place without seasons. Even the threat of disaster spices up life until it hits home. Autumn is my favorite but we missed out on most colors this year. Thanks for sharing yours.

  11. Hi Alica, I’m trying to visit a new blog every day for the next few weeks, and today you’re my new visit! I came over from Pioneer Woman. I love the leaves of fall, too -- in fact, my current blog post is about free flying leaves. I think I like the orange colors the best, but as far as favorite season overall, I think it might be spring. I love it when it warms up enough that I can head out the door without having to grab a jacket. Blessings to you!

  12. There has always been something satisfying about the fall of the year for me. I know the pantry is filled with full jars of fruit, vegetables, venison, jellies and jams. The cellar brims with squash, onions, apples, potatoes, all in their place to sustain our winter. The firewood has been cut, split, piled and now warms the house and fills the rooms with the scents of the outdoors. Besides the awesome colors of fall, the smell of the wet leaves, the crisp mornings, frost on the pumpkins, I feel a renewal about to happen as Thanksgiving comes soon. A time for family, love and giving.
    I love your life., so similar to our own.

  13. Such beauty!
    Fall IS my favorite season... love everything about it :)

    Sorry to read about the small tornado... sounds like no one was injured.. that's a blessing.

    Smiles :)

  14. We don't get the fall colors here in Southern California like you do in other parts of the country so thank you for the beautiful photos!


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