Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"C" Day...

"C" Day...

Combining day...Corn it what you want.

This cow is ready...she says..."Get that corn off and send it away to be toasted.  My mouth is watering!"

The farmer says "Yes, it's time!  The corn is definitely dry enough...let's get it off before it goes down with any more rain or wind!"

I like the way it looks along the edge of the field with all of those ears hanging down...a neighbor pointed it out to me the other unique it looked from the road.  (This one's for you, Glenn!)

They started last night, but had a breakdown before they were finished at the other farm.  Hopefully it will be an easy fix this morning and they'll be able to finish in good time.  We're anxious to see what the yield will be!


  1. Hi Alica..
    looks like a great crop to me.
    How nice to have the harvest, and prepare for winter feeding.

    Enjoy this day.


  2. Sorry about the breakdown, that's a common word here on our farm. We've had to replace some of our older equipments but the new one still break down once in a while. Such is farm life.

    I hope that you have a great yield. I love the picture of the corn field.

  3. I do hope you have a good yield! Do you use all of your corn for your cows, or do you usually have some to sell too?

    1. So far, the yield is around 150 bpa, not as high as we had hoped! They aren't quite finished yet...about 12 acres to go. We grain bank this's stored and dried for us, and then they bring it back to the farm as needed. The excess, we exchange with the feed company, to offset the cost of any other feed that we purchase...supplements, calf feed, etc. It's worked out great...this past year we had no feed bill! We will be able to sell all of our soybeans this year, since we have excess in the grain bank from last year!

  4. Hope you get a good yield ! Lovely photos ! Have a good day !

  5. I love the cow looking around the corner! :)
    Hope the yield is good!

  6. I wish you many bushels. Your corn is the best looking I've seen all year!

  7. Oh I hope you get heaps of corn:) I love that shot your neighbour was right. Happy harvesting. B

  8. I love that, it looks so nice. All of the pictures this year of the drought and the failed corn crop, it is so nice to see how it is supposed to look at the end of the season. So pretty.

  9. At least you got corn this year, I'm glad for that!


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