Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ultimate Kitty...

Some of you may have already met Slinky, but for those of you who haven't...she's the ultimate farm cat...

She hangs out upstairs in the barn most of the from the dogs...either on top of the hay mow or in the rafters.  She comes downstairs to the cow stable in the mornings while we are milking, and while the dogs are still sleeping.  At the first sound of their collars jingling, she's outta there!

Midway through the morning, she often appears again.  While the dogs are taking their morning snooze in the sun, she hangs out with me.  She rides around on my good pics! 

 She climbs ladders...

And then sits there looking proud of herself...not to mention purring loudly...

And when those crazy dogs come around again, she finds the highest possible place to perch.  Within their sight, but out of their reach...

She's only been with us for a few short months, but has become our favorite...the ultimate kitty!


  1. She is so cute. I love how she limbs the stairs. B

  2. We have a tuxedo named Poppy that looks very much like Slinky -- she's the only farm cat that doesn't like me too much. Not sure why! So cute!

  3. What a cute little Slinky kitty!


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