Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tigger's Entertainment...

The ultimate kittlets are quickly turning into full grown cats...and we've been enjoying them so much!  Never before have we had cats with so much personality. 

Peanut (the tuxedo kitty) is sweet...she just loves to be held and drapes herself over your shoulder for as long as you allow her to stay there.

Smokey (the gray and white male) is the least social of the three.  He enjoys being held and purrs contentedly whenever you look at him, but he's a true cat...he's constantly primping, and is sometimes a bit aloof or standoffish.

And then there's Tigger.  Words can't quite describe him!  He adores people!  He meows until you acknowledge him, and purrs louder than any cat I've heard before.  He runs underneath the cows, and they don't seem to care.  In a nutshell...he's spoiled rotten!  His latest antics involve the balage cart.  I got balage down today for the cows, and when came downstairs to feed it, guess who was parked in the cart!

He thinks it's his throne...and he loves to go along for the ride while we feed...

Tonight Eric was feeding the cows, and Tigger was playing his usual game.  You see...he thinks that not only is the balage his throne, but he thinks we have no right to feed it to the cows!  He attacks each handful as it is pulled out of the cart.  If he gets buried, he doesn't care...he just comes back for more...

Now if only we could train him to do the feeding for us!


  1. This was the best story! Wonderful picture of Tigger, and great picture of him helping to feed!

  2. Cute kitty and VERY helpful I'm sure!! ;-)

  3. Oh I love your feline friends stories. B

  4. Rodent control and companionship are the reward for keeping felines in the barn. What fun to get such characters as a bonus.

  5. Grew up around my grandparents' barn cats. So sweet!


  6. I love kitties like that. I love when they think they own the world and you need to do their bidding.

  7. I love it here! Mind if I set a spell?


    P.S. Thank-you!

  8. Too cute : ) My friend has a cat named Tiger-the same color as yours!


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