Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And More Fodder...

We're still baling and unloading corn fodder!

The past few days have been gorgeous...perfect for drying the fodder and comfortable for baling and unloading.  Jim estimates that we have at least 2000 bales so far, and he hopes to bale four more loads tomorrow.  Those wagons won't be unloaded...he'll back them into the barn and we'll use the fodder right off the wagons...they won't be needed anyway until next spring

This scene kind of reminds me of a runway full of jets waiting to take off...

When we're looking ahead at baling fodder, it can look like a formidable task.  It's often cold outside, it's very dirty and dusty, and it's hard on the baler!  But now that we're almost finished...it wasn't so bad this year!


  1. Wow I am so happy you are getting more feed. I can imagine the dust sneeze sneeze. Take care my friend great post. B

  2. Looks like you're really getting the job done!

    We never did fodder on our farm. We had corn silage and bailed hay. How do you bail fodder?

  3. Leenie...the corn stalks that are left behind after combining or picking the corn are shredded (flailed) and the raked up and baled for bedding! It makes a really absorbent bedding for heifer pens, etc.

  4. I love the picture of the trucks all lined up! :)

  5. How wonderful to have all that for bedding! It always feels so good to get those big jobs done!

  6. ohh looks good and so happy for your that your almost done! It is always a good feeling to know you have feed enough to feed your girls!

    Big hugs


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