Friday, October 21, 2011

Purrrrre Contentment...

Here are those ultimate kittlets once more...

If only you could hear the sound effects! 

Now that's purrrrrre contentment!

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  1. Pretty kitty's ! Our Kitty purs so loud she sounds like a Harley motorcycle hense her name Harley lol. Have a wonderful day !

  2. They are very cute. There is something soothing about a purring cat. B

  3. Your kitties look so content. No wonder they are singing for you.

    I wanted to comment on your previous post but we were out of town and I was having trouble logging in to the comments. I just wanted to say how all of the pasturing of cows on the last of the hay crop looks so familiar. Your Holsteins are beauties. I like how you give them names like Maude and Helen instead of numbers like some of the giant farming operations.

  4. When I blow-dry my hair, my cat comes into the bathroom and sits beside me, purring away! I wonder if the sound of the dryer makes her think that I'm purring?! :-)

    These are such cute and healthy looking kitties.

  5. A nice group of kitties. I can almost hear the purr from here.


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