Sunday, April 24, 2016

Beautiful Weekend...

It's been a beautiful weekend here...

We had nice mild weather, and even a little much needed rain yesterday morning, and then it turned into a perfect spring evening with blue skies, sunshine and a breeze.  Ahhhh...jeans and flannel shirt weather in the barn!

I missed Starts with "P"  last week, so I'm going to stick a picture in here at the beginning so as not to go out of order.  My fern leaf peony opened this week.  (some of you asked to see the blooms)  Apparently the cold snap didn't harm it permanently!  This was just before it opened...

...and just before this bloom was totally spent.  You can see the pretty yellow center...or what's left of it anyway...

On to this week's "Starts with Q"...

This was much harder.

You're going to have to use your imagination here.  What do you do when you see someone is sleeping?  Jump up and down and get them to wake up?  Well, maybe that's not such a good idea if it's me sleeping anyway.  You be Quiet, of course! This picture also fits into the "At Rest" category...

Jolyn finds the best places to rest.  The heifers' feed trough seems like a good place to sleep in the sun!

My "Week's Favorite" is of these dogwood and lilac blooms from our yard...

Although my dark purple lilac blooms pretty much froze, (the bush will be fine, and next year we'll enjoy the flowers!) the white bush which is much larger and more established, is covered with fragrant blooms right now.  The white and pink dogwoods are also blooming like crazy.  I'm loving the colors, the feel, and the sounds of spring this year!

I'm joining up again this weekend with Teresa at Eden Hills for Friday's Hunt.


  1. I love the shot of your flowers. I hope you will pop in and see my post this week I hope you have a lovely week

  2. I also love that pink dogwood!!

  3. Glad you got a bit of rain. Love the peony. Don't think I've ever seen a fern leaf one before. Beautiful picture of the kitty at rest. I highly recommend naming a cow Queenie and another Xena. ;-) Works well that way. The flowers are beautiful! Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt.

  4. Rain, sunshine, nice temperatures, cats and pretty flower blooms looks like life is good for you, Alicia!

    I like your dogwood and lilac arrangement.

  5. The cat curled up in the hay with the cows is so sweet!

  6. Jealous of your blossoms. So pretty, and I can almost smell the lilacs from here. We won't see lilacs for another few weeks--or not at all if the frosty weather decides to visit.

  7. I so wish one could put smells on a blog. The scents you described are heavenly.

  8. I love the fern leaf peonies! Peonies are my mom's favorite, might have to find one of those for mothers day!


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