Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Raining...

We are thankful this weekend...because it's raining!

Like in many other areas, our weather this spring has been unusual.  The winter was exceptionally warm, and so far this spring has been exceptionally dry.  I don't know the date of our last rain, but I do know that we haven't had any measurable rainfall since I planted my potatoes on March 14th.  A burning ban was placed on the county because it's been so dry.

Just this week, Jim reseeded nine acres of alfalfa.  The original seed was in the ground for almost a month with no rain, and was not sprouting, so he went over the fields with a no till drill and new seed.  His hope is, that with this rain, the newly seeded alfalfa will sprout, along with some of the old seed, making a thick stand.

The rain started last evening, and it has rained steadily all day today.  Our rain gauge is broken, so we don't have an accurate measure, but it's been a substantial amount.  (A suggestion to all those businesses who hand out calendars at Christmas about rain gauges instead!)

This was the view out my north kitchen window after milking time tonight... 

We'll go to bed tonight with the sound of rain drops against the window, pile on the blankets (it's chilly tonight!) and we will be thankful!


  1. Well timed rain! Glad Mother Nature in her weirdness finally came through for you.

    We broke records here for high temps today. Having a hard time enjoying the wonderful weather because we just know something awful (like killing frost or a blizzard) is going to happen any moment.

  2. Oh yes! The glorious rain!! We got rain here in SW PA all day yesterday. I was so happy! We are expecting some snow fall here overnight and tomorrow...we should only get about 3 or 4 inches tomorrow. I am so skeptical though! It will probably be only an inch if we are lucky. I know that further to our east they are expecting almost a foot! They didn't show on the news eastern PA, so I wonder if you all were expecting any of this storm??? But, we are supposed to be back up to 50 degrees by Wednesday. By the way, I love your photos in this post! Especially the beautiful pink flowering tree through the rained on screen! That is an amazing shot! Reminds me of a painting!

  3. I agree with Bonnie about your picture of the tree, beautiful!!
    Congrats on the much needed rain, hope it gets that alfalfa up and growing!

  4. Chilly here in Kansas too, the last few days... blankets on again... so glad you got some much-needed rain, send it our way!

  5. I'm so glad you're finally getting rain! I was checking my alfalfa after we got rain, and it's not coming up very well. I'm afraid it was too long between plating and rain too. Hope yours does well.

  6. Glad you are getting the rain and not us! We've had extra wet weather, and now we have had finally a sunny couple of days. Hope your seed sprouts!

  7. Lucky you guys we have had no rain for such a loong time. Hoping for some this weekend, they say it might happen.
    I am doing much better, pain is manageable and just have to wait for all swelling to go away. I seem to have a rather high pain tolerance too, at least most days.

  8. I am just realizing why I don't keep up with your blog as well as I want to...I don't have it listed in my "loving these blogs" on the right side of my blog! I have just corrected that a couple minutes ago and you are now listed there!! I do not know how I have overlooked this and I hope you never noticed cause I would feel bad! Anyhow, I do love your blog and I am always happy to see you visit and comment on mine. :)


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