Monday, February 20, 2012

Overseeding the Meadow

We've been having some beautiful spring-like weather for quite some time now, and as we get closer to "real" spring, there are some projects that need to be finished.
Jim worked on one of those projects today...

The meadow at the other farm, where we keep our dry cows and bred heifers has thinned out over time and needed to be over seeded.  It's a good time of year to do this, since the animals are penned out of the meadow over winter.  (If they were to be walking on the meadow while the grass isn't growing, their hooves would ruin the ground.)

He used a mixture of orchard grass, rye and some other grasses, and the no-till drill.  He was ready to make his final pass here, and is motioning me to climb on the back of the seeder to make sure all of the seed was evenly distributed...

Here you can see the lines that the drill made in the meadow as he was seeding...

Finishing up...

Our Jersey bull has to keep an eye on everything that happens.  He's anticipating grazing on that meadow once the weather gets warmer and the new growth is thick ...

Now we need just the right combination of warm weather and moisture to sprout that new grass and make it grow.  There's nothing quite like seeing animals grazing on a lush, green pasture in the spring really is right around the corner!


  1. I can't believe there is no snow. Did we get it all or what? Hope your weather is perfect for the seeds.

  2. I can't believe how quickly spring is going to be here. I need to do that in my pasture too. It's been pasture for a lot of years, and I have no idea the last time it was seeded.

  3. Not that I wasn't paying attention to your seeding project, but my eyes caught your house and barns. What a lovely farm you have. How old is the house? And the barns?

  4. Window on the Prairie...Thanks! This is the "other farm", that is owned by Jim's extended family...we rent the barn and the ground for our dry cows, bred heifers, and to grow forages. The barn was built in 1886...I'm not sure about the house, but I assume it was around the same time.

  5. I keep trying to get Jerry to seed our little pasture. When we first moved here it was knee high with grass but overuse and drought has done it in. He has been using the manure spreader to hopefully distribute the "naturally occuring" bermuda seeds! LOL!!

  6. Would love to see more pictures of your bull,nobody around here keeps dairy bulls, strictly AI,they say they are to mean and unpredictable, how do you find yours?

  7. Farmer...we do most of our breeding AI too, but don't pregnancy check our year old heifers. This bull is for "clean up" work only. Being a jersey, he throws nice little calves, which is nice for a young heifer.
    We have a dealer who finds him for us, and as soon as he gets even slightly aggressive, he's gone! This one will probably be sold before the cows go out on the meadow this spring, because he's getting pretty big. We NEVER trust a bull!

  8. your farm is beautiful! good luck with the new growth!

    (and thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a comment! really appreciate it! you made me laugh about dull ducks!)

  9. I enjoy your post so much and also the comments. I agree with Window that the farmscape in you pictures is so scenic and well cared for. I love the white fence and the painted buildings.

    Your bull is a handsome one. I can imagine his heifer babies would give wonderful creamy milk.

  10. Is that your farm in the background?
    It looks beautiful. You have a Jersey Bull? Do you have any Jersey cows? I would love to have a whole herd of Jerseys. When I was a kid my grandparents bought a Jersey cow for me and every time she had a calf and we sold it I got to put the money in my savings account. I had her lots of years. Her name was Susie. :)
    Your meadow sounds wonderful.

  11. Love the picture of your bull. If I were him I would be watching too, he has an investment that the field is seeded correctly. Alica thank you for all your encouraging words during this awful recovery time for me. I have 100% confidence that this will all resolve itself in a positive manner.


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