Saturday, February 11, 2012

After All, It IS February...

This morning we woke to a beautiful light blanket of snow covering the ground.  The temps were slightly above freezing, however, so along with the light flurries, we had dripping by mid morning.  

My rooster looked so proud, looking after his ladies...

A few brave chickens ventured out in the snow.  By mid morning, several of them had found their way outside of their pen and were scavenging in the garden.   I'm not sure how they got that they know what's out there, they think they have the right to venture out whenever they can, and they're quickly outwearing their welcome in the yard.   I'm worried about some of my perennials!  Apparently I've got some strong willed chickens on my hands, and will have to keep them in line!  (I did get 18 eggs today, though...that's the most they've given me for months!)

At least they haven't scratched out or pecked the Lenten Roses to death...they looked beautiful this morning...

Things feel a little different out there tonight...

The temperature has dropped to the mid twenties, and it's to feel like zero tonight.  It's snowing again, and the winds have picked up, gusting in the 40 mph range.  Things will be a little chilly in the barn tomorrow morning!  The cows will keep the stable warm, but the cold will present a few challenges. 

Brrrr...but after all, it IS February!

(and it's to warm up into the 40's by Monday!)  :)


  1. What a roller coaster ride this winter's temps have been. We're around zero again tonight. I had to put a coat on Vinnie. Hope you all stay warm!

  2. It's nice not to need eskimo parkas for a trip to the mailbox. It's great not to spend big bucks just to keep the water in the house from freezing, but I admit I would like a little more snow with my winter. This years weather has just been weird.

  3. Yes the weather here In Ontario Canada has been weird as well ! Spring like then winter, then spring like again and yeserday into today we got hit by a snow storm and the winds have been howling and temps are minus 15 BRRR ! Usually it is straight winter with snow none of this back and forth temps ! Our chickens on our farm when I was kid loved the snow , they were Banty hens and Road Island Reds ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. It looks like you are having more snow than the rest of us so far. Only one snowfall here in Connecticut since the big October one. I'm not going to get to use my Christmas snowshoes this year! I love the photo of the chickens through the wire fence.

  5. Beautiful snowy pictures but they made me shiver! :)
    You guys try and stay warm up there!

  6. Love your chicken in the snow and the beautiful Lenten Rose pictures.

    Congratulations on all the eggs. Good girls...

    We had a major snow storm here too and I'm glad that it wasn't any worst. We were supposed to get high wind but we just got a little wind. The snow is drifting in some spot still. JB

  7. Thanks for coming back by! I wanted to let all all know that I am having a give away on my blog!

  8. Eigthteen eggs? Wow. Can I get an omelet? Thanks for commenting on my blog---I now follow yours!

  9. We had a few inches last night here in northeast Kansas. But it's supposed to go above 30, the warmest it's been in over a week, so that will probably melt some of it off.


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