Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Has Arrived...

It feels like winter's finally here...

10:00 pm

And this is warm compared to last night...and warm compared to many places that I'm glad I'm not!  This morning when we went to the barn it was only 11 degrees.   Temps inside the barn were just about perfect for milking, however, at a balmy 50 degrees...the cows keep it warm and cozy.   A few cups of steaming hot water poured over the water bowl valves opened things right up.

We've been so spoiled by our mild winter so far, that this seemed like bitter cold to me.  At least it wasn't windy like yesterday.

On another note...I was given an award by a fellow blogger the other day...


The Liebster is awarded to spotlight up and coming bloggers who currently have less than 200 followers. 

 Bees, Birds, Berries and Blooms was kind to give me this award.  I don't remember how I found her blog, but I thoroughly enjoy reading it.  I've tried to find bloggers from different parts of the country and beyond, and enjoy reading about how life is in their corner of the world.  She is from South Dakota, one of those places that is certainly colder than it was here today!  She shares a variety of posts...gorgeous scenery, gift ideas, gorgeous scenery, recipes, and did I mention gorgeous scenery?  Just click on the link above to visit her blog.

Now...I don't do well at passing on awards, but I will highlight a couple of other blogs that I especially enjoy...

Easy Living the Hard Way is one of them.  Holly is from Wyoming...another place where it's much colder than it is here...I can't imagine taking care of animals in that kind of weather!  She and her husband have quite a variety of animals, she gardens frugally, can make just about anything and some of her posts remind me of Little House on the Prairie. 

Another one that I enjoy reading is Window On the Prairie.  Suzanne and her husband live in Kansas.  I'm not sure how cold it is there right now, but I suspect the wind is blowing!  If you stop and visit her, you will likely read about their cattle, savory recipes ( I love her molasses oatmeal bread ), the adventures of Kitty, and you won't be disappointed by her beautiful photography.

Teresa, from  Eden Hills   lives on a farm in Iowa.   (and I knew it was going to be cold here this week, because we get her leftover weather, almost always!)   She teaches full time as well as running her farm...caring for her herd of goats and many other animals...and gardening...and making goats milk soap and much more.   I feel very lazy after reading her posts!  :)

So...grab a cup of hot chocolate and check out these blogs for some interesting reading.  And keep warm...I hope it's warm enough for you wherever you are.

It's to be in the 40's here tomorrow, and this fair weather fan is looking forward to it!


  1. Congratulations Alica you have listed some very fine blogs. I will have to check out the two I do not know.
    It sure was cold yesterday doing the chores. This early morn it is 1c I never know how much to wear.:) Take care B

  2. Congratulations on you Liebster! You certainly deserve it! :)
    I have found several great blogs on the recommendation of past Liebster winners, can't wait to check out yours!
    Stay warm up there!

  3. Congrats on the award! And I feel like winter has finally arrived here too : )

  4. I am so very honored to have you pass this award on to me. I have to say, if you always get my weather, you're in for a beautiful weekend with record highs! :-)

  5. Hello there! Yes, today is warm for us's like 53 degrees in the sun. We had a few days of very cold and a little bit of snow. I believe we got 2 inches one day last week. I can't imagine milking cows in 11 degrees! Yikes! ...and I think it's bad when I have to go and close the door on the chicken coop at night and that only takes me about a minute! I should be thinking of you milking cows! LOL! Have a great weekend!!


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