Thursday, January 19, 2012


We lost something important today...

That line of trees that you see in the distance provides the only shade that we have in our meadow.  The trees are along the southern edge of the meadow, and are, in the summer, where the cows gather from the time they deem it too hot to be outside, until we bring them back into the barn.  They've been there for as long as we can remember.

Here is the problem...

There is a major power line that runs right through the middle of the farm that is owned by PPL, the utility company.  This winter, as part of their line maintenance, they are removing any trees that are growing within the 75' right-of-way of the power lines.  

These trees are mostly maples or oaks, and are 69' from the all but one of them needs to come down...

This morning they began cutting...and chopping debris...and sawing large branches into smaller manageable pieces.  Although we understand why they have to come down, we sure wish it didn't have to happen!  The cows won't be able to spend nearly as much time outside this summer.  :(

Thankfully, they will remove anything we don't want to keep, and they've also told us that they will replant several trees of our choice, anywhere we would like outside of the right-of-way.

It's going to look a lot different...the fort Grandpa built for the kids will look a bit odd sitting along the fence line alone.  

Here's hoping that the new trees do get planted, and that they grow quickly!


  1. Oh man, that IS a bummer! :(
    I hope the new trees are fast growers!

  2. What a shame. I hate losing perfectly good trees. What a difference 6 feet can make.

  3. I have the same situation, but they can't cut the trees down without my permission, so they just pruned them. Such a shame.

  4. We tried talking them into just pruning them, but they said no...the trees had to come down.

  5. Nature always looses against utilities, corporations and "progress". At least the power company they will plant some trees. I expect you will plant some too. We can at least hope the wood went to some good use besides a landfill.

  6. Trees can almost become part of the family. Sorry.

  7. I'm so sorry----I think it is always a big lost when trees have to be cut down. They are a sign of endurance and protection for me. Pick some mighty trees and watch them grow [ fast hopefully]

  8. Too bad they didn't just top them. It looks like that would have been enough. Hope the cows will be OK in the summer.

  9. Looks like your trees are making progress. The powerline people are coming here soon too but it's not within sight of the house and it is just our line to the house. Maybe I'll get some before and after pictures.


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