Saturday, April 22, 2017

Murphy's Law...

You've probably heard of Murphy's know...if anything can go wrong,  it will.

Well, today being Saturday,  it would have to be the day that the barn cleaner broke.  The barn cleaner is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment in the barn. It's the only way to get the manure out of the barn, and we use it 365 days a year.

As Jim was cleaning out the east side of the barn, this piece...the one that holds the chain in place...broke...

What do you do on a Saturday morning, when most businesses are closed? It's not something that could just be fixed at home.  Jim got the piece off the elevator and eventually found an Amish business close by that could repair it. They had to do some cutting,  grinding and welding, and after about 1 1/2 hours, we were good to go again.

The bill? $13.00.

It wasn't an easy 1 1/2 hours...its never fun to be covered in manure ( Jim), and I was trying to be helpful while fighting the flu. A friend from church had just texted me to see how I was feeling, and I asked her to pray for my attitude and that Jim would be able to fix the problem. I'm very grateful to say that what looked like a day where Murphy's Law would win, it lost big time.


  1. Oh my gosh, 1 1/2 hours and only $13.00... I can't believe it.
    I wish I lived in Amish country. Those people are awesome.
    I'm so glad for you people, that Jim could get the piece fixed. It must have been your lucky day that the piece broke on Saturday.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Glad you managed to get it fixed fairly quickly.

  3. First of all, so glad you could get someone to help fix that! But please rest and not push yourself, especially if you think you have the flu. It's really going around, here. My son wasn't at school this whole past week. He's finally feeling mostly better. Take care. -Jenn

  4. Glad it got fixed! Only $13, wow you can't beat that! Did you give them a good tip? : )

  5. Alicia,

    I often pray for a good attitude and easy fix too! Glad Jim was able to get the barn cleaner fixed. $13.00 really?

    I hope you get over your flu and start feeling like normal. I've had a head cold for the last week and am ready to be over it.

  6. For the want of a nail a war was lost. Funny how it is the little everyday things that get you! Glad it was a somewhat quick and reasonably priced fix.

  7. Hope you're feeling better by now. Stuff like that always happens on weekends. The Saturday before Easter, we had a fuse at the power pole blow. It took out my stove, microwave and oven, and we had to run an extension cord so that my refrigerator would keep running. And I was in charge of a funeral dinner on Monday. It never fails! It was a quick fix on Monday, though not as inexpensive as your fix!

  8. Oh, my.
    Yep.. Murphy's law struck again.
    How nice that you have such excellent neighbors, and that you were able to resolve the problem and for such a great price too!!
    What a blessing!!
    Sorry to read that you've been sick... boo.
    Sure hope you are feeling better now.

    I've been MIA for so long now.. pretty sure most folks think I fell off the face of the planet **grin**.
    Posted an explanation of my long absence today.
    Really looking forward to reading all about what you've been up to and seeing the pics from your farm.

    ~Enjoy this lovely day.

  9. I hope you are feeling much better. 13 dollars??? That is amazing. How wonderful it would be to have the Amish craftsmen around. I hope you are feeling better. I am so sorry you have/had the flu. Isn't that the way it always goes. I am so glad you had some one praying for you. I think some of the worst fights Ron and I have ever had is when I have been sick.

  10. That is the very nice thing about farmers...they know how to fix stuff and create stuff, and make stuff work!

  11. Well, I guess that a totally shitty day was avoided! (Couldn't resist)
    I hope you are feeling better.


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