Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Rye Grass 2017...

Well the spring/ summer work has officially begun...

Jim had the rye grass mowed on Thursday,  tedded it and raked it up on Friday, with plans  to bale and wrap on Saturday morning. Then...a surprise thunderstorm rolled through early Saturday morning.  Change of plans.

Saturday ended up being a good drying day, so he tedded it again so it could dry out, raked it back up, and baled over evening milking time...

Yesterday morning he used the bale hugger to stack the bales...

We have twenty eight bales of rye grass stacked up, fermenting and hopefully turning into good feed for the cows!


  1. Wow, you have feed already put up where you are, but here the crops have only just started to green up a little bit!

  2. Hard work, and satisfying work.
    Nice job!!

    Have a great rest of your week.


  3. How nice! They look so great. I bet it feels nice to already have 28 bales stacked.

  4. Egads! It is still snowing here. It is always good when you can get ahead. Glad there are bales in the stack yard.


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