Thursday, August 6, 2015

Garden Goodness...

August has been good to us so far...

We've been having some gorgeous weather this week.  It's been hot, yes, but the humidity has dropped below it's normally (IMO) unbearable levels, and we couldn't ask for a nicer day today!

We've been enjoying produce from our garden...not nearly at the volume of other years...but maybe that's part of why I'm enjoying it so much!

The cantelopes are ripening all of a sudden...

I picked four so far, and there are two more that will be ready in another day or so.  I plant the Athena variety.  They seem to be disease resistant, and they're nice and sweet.

My Black Cherry Tomatoes are loaded.  This is the first year I planted this kind, and they're not quite what I expected.  They're a little larger than I thought they'd be.  I've picked a few ripe ones, and the jury is still out on the taste...

I'm glad I saw this guy before I reached in...

The first batch of regular tomatoes that I planted have all died, as usual, but I found some for a dollar at a neighbor's greenhouse late in the spring, and gave them a shot.  So far they're doing well, and haven't shown any signs of blight or whatever usually ails my tomato plants!  Maybe it's because the second half of our summer has been much drier than the first half?

The red raspberries are growing in leaps and bounds.  I planted three plants behind my garden shed a few years ago, and now they've gone wild!  These particular bushes bear all summer long.  I pick a few cups a day, and freeze them until I have enough for jelly or pancake syrup...

My new chickens like to hang out by the fence beside the bushes.  They like the shade they get there, as well as the occasional berry that falls on their side of the fence.

Earlier this summer the Japanese Beetles had a feast on the leaves, but now they've moved on and the bushes have set more fruit.  Don't they look delicious?

The chickens also eat my scraps.  These young ones are still learning that garden scraps are tasty.  They've eaten a few overgrown zucchini, they love watermelon rind, and are learning how good cantelope tastes as well.  They still don't come running when they see a bucket like the old ones did, but they're learning!  They're 18 weeks old, and will soon be laying a few small pullet eggs...

Here's a sample of what I found in the garden today...

My zucchini outdid themselves this year.  I found one small one yet this morning, and it might be the last one.  We'll see.

I don't think the kids will mind!


  1. oh, the raspberries make me jealous. i eat a ton of 'fresh' raspberries but i have to buy mine at the store. :) glad your garden is doing well and the chickies, too!

  2. Someday I'm going to grow a garden, I hope next year. Your one chicken looks so happy while it's feasting, so cute! :)

  3. Glad to hear you are getting some things out of the garden. Your chickens look great!

  4. Everything looks wonderful! You've gotten a good crop out of your garden plants.
    I would love to plant some raspberries one of these years :)
    Oh, the zucchini... yep.. it goes crazy, doesn't it.
    I'll be freezing more today... ** sigh**.

    Enjoy the bounty of you your gardens, and whats left of summer.


  5. It all looks great. I will have to look for that variety of cantaloupe. Mine has been blooming but has no fruit yet. It may be too late for it.

  6. How nice your garden is and your new chickens. I planted black tomatoes last year and I don't think I will ever plant them again. It took them all summer to get ripe.
    I love your raspberries.
    I am glad you are having really nice weather. We are too. For August it has been just perfect.

  7. Alicia,
    Garden reports are so fun! I like to see all the beautiful garden produce. I've been eating a little of my own garden goods and going to the local Farmer's Market when I can.

    I pulled up the last of the onions a few days ago and have one cucumber plant still producing. I've been picking the daily red on my tomato plants!

    I love having the hens to eat all the scraps. My girls are huge watermelon fans! I empty my chicken bucket next to the coop and am amazed at how much the cats eat before the hens get let out. I find it entertaining to watch the cats and hens eat together.

    Pullet eggs are fun!


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