Saturday, August 15, 2015

4th Cutting Begins...

Look!  It's a new style of lawn ornament...

This used to be a regular occurrence, but this year we haven't had much luck with baling dry hay because of the weather.

Finally this week, we got a forecast (that actually held true!) for a long stretch of dry weather which just so happened to coincide with when the spring seeded alfalfa was ready to be mowed.  Jim mowed on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and last night was able to get it baled dry.  They finished unloading around 10:30 last night.

You can easily tell which is the newly baled hay, by the color difference.  The brown hay has been cured for about a month, maybe longer...

More empty wagons sitting around this morning...

Jenna and I took the truck (with the dogs, of course) up to the fields and she picked up the bales that missed the wagon last night.  Then she threw them into the hay racks for the cows' bedtime snack tonight...

Of course the dogs found the best possible spot for "helping".  Any time Jenna takes the truck anywhere, the dogs hop in the back for a ride, and as soon as they stop and the door they jump.  Murphy called shotgun.

What a life.  Follow their girl anywhere and they're happy!

Jim is now mowing 4th cutting at the other farm, hoping for more dry hay at the beginning of the week.  It sure is nice to see the mow getting filled up.

Everyone around our house likes to feed dry hay better than balage, and there's nothing quite like it for keeping a cow's rumen in good working order!


  1. just love those happy farm dogs! and can almost smell the fresh hay!!

  2. What a difference in the kind of haying which goes on in your world v.s. the farmers just down the hills from our summer camp. They just finished up their first cutting. They'll be lucky to get a second. But the weather is seldom too wet for some nice dry 6x8 foot bales.

  3. Love all your posts, even if I do not comment all the time...yes, smelling the hay, the happy people and the beautiful dogs..and your life...heaven on earth!!! Blessings...and tahnk you ...Merri

  4. There is nothing better than harvesting. There is nothing better than the smell of fresh cut hay. Glad the weather held true for you.

  5. So happy for you to get the hay baled! No rain this time... Yay!!

    It never ceases to amaze me that you are able to get 4 cuts a season! Around here, folks are lucky to get 3 :)

    Love all of your pictures! Thanks for sharing.!!


  6. So glad for you. I have no new hay yet, but we're hoping this week is finally the one. I have to admit, I'm getting awfully nervous.


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