Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What's Growing In Your Garden...

It's July already, and most gardens are in full swing.

Mine is tiny this year...nothing that I have to bend over for long periods of time to pick, which means no green beans and no lima beans (sob sob) this year.

I'm loving it!

I have a generous friend who has given me some of her extra Roma beans, and I'm planning to buy some limas when the time is right.  I have been able to focus on keeping my flower beds weed free (well, almost!) and keeping my smaller garden happy. (well, almost!)

Here's my harvest today...

We have zucchini coming out the wazoo.  I'm cooking for the food co-op today, and thankfully the other family loves zucchini!  I'm giving some away, and I still have some left.  And oh yes, there will be more tomorrow!

My tomatoes are dying, all except for my cherry tomatoes, as usual.  I guess I should just give up on them, but it seems like everyone else grows huge tomato plants.  Sigh.

The cucumbers look happy, as do the cantelope, and that about does it for my garden this year!

What's growing in your garden?


  1. This is so funny... I can grow tomatoes and zucchini, but I have NEVER been able to grow cantalope!

    1. My sister is also having issues with her tomatoes. Can you believe I have a hard time growing zucchini here? I've only had two and somehow I lost one of those. I'm in the peas here.

  2. glad you're enjoying a smaller garden plot! and nice that everyone shares the excess. :)

  3. Your zucchinis are nice. I love a zucchini casserole, zucchini bread and stir fry. I love them when they are small but they always grow so fast, we can never keep up with them.
    I harvested my first summer cabbage , onions, peas, parsley and basil yesterday.

    I hope your back is healing well.

  4. I like my smaller garden too. It is nice to not spend hours and hours out there taking care of it but I do miss the pumpkins.
    Our tomatoes and peppers are going to town. I love your garden too.

  5. By any chance is your garden in any proximity to walnut trees? They hindered everything in our garden when we had 3 large ones in our yard. Just a thought.......

  6. Alica,

    I don't have any zucchini this year and wish I did. I prefer to pick mine on the small side and add it to oven chicken fajitas. I also bake or grill them.

    My garden:
    I think the lettuce, cilantro and dill are not coming back. But I enjoyed it while it lasted and have some cilantro and dill trying.
    I still have radishes growing and a few ready to pick.
    Onions, tomatoes and cucumbers look good; peppers not so good.
    I see the rhubarb is getting close again.

    Have a fun trip to the farmer's market!

  7. Nothing but perennials doing their own thing while I spend summer away with a few visits home to rip out bindweed. It's amazing how well nature gets along just fine without us.

  8. My garden is always small and my zucchini didn't come up this year. But I have plenty of broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, green beans and black berries right now.

  9. We have a lot of zucchini also. Froze some zucchini bread the other day...


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