Wednesday, July 22, 2015

New Chickens...

I've been waiting for a long time to get chickens again, so I'm happy to say that today I picked up a dozen, sixteen week old pullets!

I've missed having chickens.  I love hearing their quiet clucking noises when I get near their pen, and I'm anxious to have our own fresh eggs again.

I'm not sure that they're nearly as thrilled as I am...yet...

Most of them huddled together in the back of the shed...

...except for these three brave girls who wandered outside together...

After milking tonight I checked on them, and they were picking at the grass...finding some bugs I'm sure...eating some spilled feed and doing some exploring.  It'll take them a few days to adjust to their new surroundings, as usual, and hopefully in about two weeks I'll find some fresh eggs!


  1. I have chicken envy but with my busy schedule raising chicken isn't even in the plan.
    Have fun.

  2. We only have four chickens that lay for us, but I enjoy them so much! Good luck with your new ladies!

  3. I am so glad you got chickens finally!! I was so sad you didn't have your girls out there in that lovely pen for them.
    They look like they will be right at home soon. I don't know what I would do without my hens. They are pretty.

  4. Nice coop. Enjoy the ladies. We have chickens at school and you should see how our 'tough' teenagers dote on them. Chickens are good for the soul and they don't even need to be in soup.

  5. I love the quiet clucking of hens, I find it comforting. Your girls have nice quarters. Mine would be quite envious.

  6. I was missing your chickens too and my own from long ago. Hug B

  7. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada! I love farms and since I live in a big city I don't very often get to see them, or large animals, either, but I love horses, cows, chickens...I just love animals and nature! Your header is gorgeous!

  8. If I had a place for them I'd keep chickens. So I appreciate a little chicken-fixoce in a while from you.

  9. I am just now reading this at 9:30 on the 27th! I'm so glad you got some hens again... are they Rhodies or New Hamps or Red Stars???

    1. They're actually Red Sex Links...a cross between Rhode Island Reds and something...I forget what!

  10. Alicia,
    Yea for new chickens. I hope you get little pullet eggs soon.


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