Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Thirsty Ground is Happy...

The corn and beans have come up...

The garden is growing...slowly...

The flowers are weary of my watering can...

We finally got some much needed rain over the past two days!

Eric's graduation party was on Sunday evening...outside...and we were pretty nervous about the weather.  However...as dry as it's been here, and as much as we've needed rain, we didn't want to complain.  As farmers, we are so dependent on the weather.  Thankfully, we got to enjoy a beautiful evening with friends...and then a thunderstorm rolled through around midnight. Yesterday we had a few rain showers, and overnight we had some more, totaling right around 1.5".


The graduate (almost)...

Yesterday...a wonderful sight to see a gray sky...

The beans are coming up nicely through the old rye field.  After this rain, they'll grow quickly...

My flowers would much rather be fed the natural way.  And Little Ed is glad for some shelter from the rain.  I call him my garden kitty.  Last summer he would follow me everywhere in my vegetable garden.  Since my vegetable garden has shrunk considerably this year, he's moved to my "new", smaller perennial bed. This is where I've saved my favorites...

The thirsty ground is happy!

And so are the farmers.


  1. How pretty! I love seeing that rain and rain drops on all of your flowers and your fields. Wow, you have a senior this year? Gosh don't they grow up fast?
    Have a lovely day.

  2. Congratulations , Erick, and best to you in your choicies. You surely have a beautiful home and family. Plus that cake looks soooooooo good!!! Love your photos and blog, thank you, Merri

  3. first, congrats to your young man! second, yay for well-timed rain!! love your garden kitty. such a cutie.

  4. Isn't it great when it rains at exactly the right time and holds off just long enough for our special occasions? If only we could time it like that all the time. Only a farmer would say how wonderful to see grey skies! Love that.

  5. Yea for rain! Such a relief for those in the ag community. I hope the moisture continues for you.

    Congratulations to your graduate. What a great time in his life. Mom, are you ready for the big change?

  6. Congratulations to Eric on graduating. Hope you get more needed rain. Wow, that's a lot of beans.


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