Friday, June 5, 2015

Jolyn the Adventurous Kitty...

Jolyn the kitty went on an adventure this morning...

She must have climbed up on the barn roof at a low point to stalk a bird...that's the only thing we can think of.  Regardless, she ended up on the north side of the barn in the rain spout...scared...

Can you spot her?

All she would have needed to do, is to go back up to the peak of the roof and down the other side, to a low spot, from where she could've easily jumped down, but no...that would've been too simple.  And yes, the slate roof is slippery, so maybe it wouldn't have been as simple as I think.

The Virginia cousins are here for Eric's graduation, so we put them to work. Maria, Curtis and Eric set up the big extension ladder, and Jenna did camera duty...

I don't like heights, but I decided to climb up, because Jolyn trusts me, and I knew she would sit on my shoulder on the way down.  She watched closely...

...and sat on my shoulder, just like I thought she would, and began purring as soon as she knew she was safe...

 We're both happy to be on the ground again...

All in the name of adventure.

Next time, stay on the ground, Jolyn!


  1. Wow this is a big step for you no pun intended I remember your fear of heights. Oh I know you had to do it though. Nice ladder I shall show My Hero:) Take care lots of help is always nice. Hug B

  2. oh, such a cutie pie!!! well worth the joint-effort rescue! :)

  3. All in the name of love ... Great job Alica I'm proud of how you put your fear of height aside to rescue your beloved Jolyn. I'm so glad you had help... silly cat...
    She's a beautiful cat.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh my goodness! Glad she was rescued!

  5. Oh... what a lovely story. I always assumed that if a cat got up somewhere, it could get down again, but not in this case! That was sweet that she started purring when she knew it was o.k. again!

  6. That was a very nice cat rescue. I just got woozy seeing the ladder.
    That was so high. I am glad you got her down. Nice pictures too.

  7. Oh my gosh, she was up so high! I'm glad you got her down safely and that was a good picture of you!

  8. What a great story. You made my day!!! Glad you were able to rescue her. I was wondering how you were getting down the ladder with her. Thanks for a happy story.

  9. She really found a tricky spot. Nice to have some help with you.

  10. What a brave kitty, and a braver Mama!! Glad you were able to rescue her!!
    Have a nice day.

    ~Smiles :)

  11. What an adventure...I say!



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